Mahashweta [Sudha Murty] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Anupama looked into the mirror and shivered with shock. A small white patch. The novel has its links with the character of Mahashweta in Banabhatta’s classic work, ‘Kadambari’. While Banabhatta made it a happy ending. Mahashweta is an inspiring story of courage and resilience in a world marred by illusions and Sudha Murty was born in in Shiggaon, north Karnataka.

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Really touching end to the novel.


We don’t see Anu as an independent thinking woman. She became strong by the force of circumstances, that’s all! Penguin Books India, pp, Rs. While the Mahashweta of Kadambari wears white to get her sudhx, Pundarika, back to life, the Mahashweta of this novel turns white.

Mahashweta – Wikipedia

The link is just in the white colour. Anupama is a beautiful college student who is also rich in histrionics. Anand, a handsome person, is bewitched by her beauty. Anand is a rich man, his widowed mother, Radhakka, is shrewd. His sister is Girija. On the contrary, Anu has a poor teacher-father, a nasty step mother and two step-sisters. The time comes for Anand to pursue his higher studies in England. Radhakka desires that her daughter-in-law do the worship of the Goddess of Wealth for Deepavali which is just two months away, before joining her husband.

Life is now lonely for Anu, as Girija hangs out with her own friends and the former is too scared of her mother-in-law to be friends with her.

As if loneliness were not enough, she accidentally discovers the amorous nature of Girija who carries contraceptives in her purse ; her efforts to counsel the sister-in-law are only an invitation for a zudha from the mother-in-law who invariably trusts her daughter. He confirms leukoderma or vitiligo, tells her that the burning of the skin was only mahashweat coincidence and that the belief that it was hereditary was medically not yet established.


She is hesitant about informing Anand. From now on, Anupama mabashweta taunted and insulted in various ways, and becomes an unspeakable and untouchable person. Before she can join Anand, she is forced to go to her parental home by Radhakka.

Ignorant villagers circulate malicious rumours about her. Anand does not respond to her letters. More sorrow overwhelms Anu when she realises that Anand chose not to reply to her letters. The girl who acted in plays which had only happy endings, has her rendezvous with tragedy, that too in real life.

Anu regrets her implusive decision and returns home, only to leave it and go to Bombaywhere her room-mate of college days, Sumithra, stays with her husband, Hari Prasad. The couple welcome her, despite her white patch.

At the interview, noticing the receptionist, Dolly, touch up her lipstick, Anu remembers that she had never used lipstick. Anyway, Anu assists Dolly during her mruthy.

Dolly advises her to stay with them, but with sufha requirement of having to cook her own food, since Anu is a strict vegetarian. Dolly gets married, and moves over to Australialeaving Anu with the responsibility of looking after her home, and without the need for paying rent. One day, Anu meets with an accident and is taken to a hospital where a post-graduate doctor, Dr. Vasant, a Kannadiga, treats her.

He is the son of a Sanskrit teacher so his love for mutthy language increases his familiarity with Anu. His colleague and room-mate, Dr.

Mahashweta – Murty – Google Books

Satya, dates another colleague, Dr. His sorrow is accentuated by jaundice, which itself was caused by eating outside food.

Anu offers to cook for him and nurse him back to health. During his stay, Satya changes his opinion of her from that of an unfortunate woman to that of a person looked beyond her imperfection.

On the last day of his stay, when Satya talks about not marrying the person one loves, Anu relates her story to him and tells him that occasional failure makes an individual more mature. She likens herself to a tree, which does not keep its fruits to itself, and, at the same time, finds fulfilment in this act of selflessness.


He is so fond of beauty that he is willing to dump his wife. One day, in Englandwhen he comes across a husband who cares for his crippled wife, he is overcome by guilt. He returns to India and sets up a practice in his sprawling mansion. There, he finds a love letter from her lover or whatever she considered him as and realises his folly. He is aghast when he learns that his mother was aware of the affair all through but brushed it under the carpet.

While the society had shunned Anu for a patch, Girija is respected! He sets out to find Anu. Meanwhile, Shamanna is dead; Anu sends money for the rites.

He is interested in Anupama, and requests her to be a part of realising his dream.

Bg goes in search of Anu from village to village but reaches a dead end. It is a dead end in the end for him, but not yet. After quite an effort, he gets her contact address and meets her. She makes her decision clear that their relationship is over.

The book is just five pages away from the close, and the reader expects or hopes! She does not want to go back to the village byy face prejudice or get into the circle of family at all. Posted by Mediocre to the Core at 8: Newer Post Older Post Home.