The translator claims that ‘the text follows the “standard” French version of rather than the version of used by [some other. Original title: La Prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France. Medium: Watercolour and relief print on parchment. Dimensions: Support: x . Ce chef-d’oeuvre de Blaise Cendrars date de Version intégrale. Ou Prose de la Petite Jehanne de France et du Transsibérien? À gauche, une.

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And the sun was an ugly wound.

And the songs of Hugo Wolf. So pross, so alone, and already so faded. The world stretches itself, elongates and snaps back like a harmonica. Leur train partait tous les vendredis matin. The sky is like the torn tent of a poor circus in a little fishing village.

Main menu additional Become a Member Shop. In accordance with Title 17 U. An idol of many colors child-like a bit ugly and oddly bizarre. The book features a poem by Cendrars about a journey through Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express induring the first Russian Revolutioninterlaced with transsibedien almost-abstract pochoir print by Delaunay-Terk.


Our wings are clipped. And I have seen. Notify me trannssiberien new posts via email. I have silent trains black trains returning from the Far East that passed like phantoms. Your belly stinks and you have the clap. Tu reviens quand, Blaise?

If it costs ten cents, on the Trans-Siberian it costs ten dollars. And the perpetual forward motion of the train. The simultaneous contrast of colours and the text form depths and movements which are the new inspiration.

When unfolded it is two metres tall.

Prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de France

I wanted very much to sleep. I have seen trains of 60 locomotives escaping at full velocity pursued by steamy horizons. A gramophone trolls a gypsy march. And the muddy waters of the Amur overflowed with millions of rotted corpses.

We would like to hear from you. The cows of dusk browse on the Sacre Coeur.

Some from the monotonous sound of the wheels remind me of the heavy prose of Maeterlinck. All those faces glimpsed in stations.

Cendrars: La Prose du Transsibérien (trans. D. Wellman)

Because I think we were all a bit nuts. Rousseau in Montfort and Godefroyp. We are the amputees of space. And specialists in international express. Wols Alfred Otto Wolfgang Schulze [no title] tanssiberien.


New Acquisition: La Prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France | Unframed

Split open like glowing coals. Parfois on tombe dedans. Bonne nuit de France. And all the houses and all the streets. With this theory the artists explored the harmonious and lyrical effects transsibfrien by placing certain colours together. At that time I was a kid.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And my eye, like a tail light, still follows those trains. US poet and translator Donald Wellman, Retrieved September 16, In Siberia cannon thundered, it was war. Wikimedia Commons only accepts files that are public domain or freely licensed in both the country of origin and the United States. And the only spark in the universe.