A subreddit for great, but lesser-known, classical music. Modern_Classical’s current selection is: O Crux by Comp. Knut Nystedt Perf. Voktett Hannover. Wow, this gives me such shivers – with nods to. Lyrics for O Crux by Knut Nystedt. LyricsO Crux. Knut Nystedt. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics. News you might be.

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Retrieved from ” https: When you post a music submission, the title needs to be in exactly the following format:. Submissions should be slightly lesser known works.

A cent semitone as opposed to cents to a semitone in EDO 12 equal divisions of the octave sounds to me like a perfectly natural semitone in its own right. All reposts will be cfux. The choir Ensemble 96 published “Immortal Nystedt” in Nystedt was awarded an honorary professorship ‘Professor Honorario’ by Mendoza University Argentina in I have unfortunately a far from perfect hear He studied with Aaron Copland among others.

Nysyedt for settling it! Retrieved 17 December Ask a Question Concise as Possible. Nystedt died in his sleep at his home in Oslo on 8 December at the age of Nystedt founded and conducted The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir from to Don’t be an asshole about music. I think I could probably reliably drux and sing notes in a melody down to about 50 or 40 cents, a quarter-tone or a little less, but I would make sure to test thoroughly whether I’d be able to sustain it and meaningfully differentiate notes before starting any crrux projects in it.


O Crux | Music Shop Europe

I sang this a year or two ago, and as you suspected, it isn’t microtonal. Knuy Nystedt works include the symphony Apocalypsis Joannis for soloists, choir and orchestra, op. It was also the first CD with a Norwegian composer nominated for a Grammy. There is a limit of one post every three days.

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Archived from the original on 17 December A good example of this would be thiswhich totally sounds like just a cool rock song well, to me because it seems to follow a lot of the same rules to establish tonality in the same way, despite being in 22 equal temperament.

Knut Nystedt – Wikipedia

So I’ll look for more. This sub is not for self-promotion.

Finally, if you continually break the rules, you’ll get two warnings before we ban you. Nystedt was born in Kristiania now OsloNorwayand grew up in a Christian home where hymns and classical music were an important part of everyday life.


This CD was nominated in two categories in the Grammy Awards. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Nystedt was organist in Torshov Jnut in Oslo from to and taught choir conducting at the University of Oslo from to Message the mods if your post isn’t showing up, as it’s probably just caught in the spam filter.

Knut Nystedt 3 September — 8 December was a Norwegian orchestral and choral composer. Everything else will be removed.


On the occasion of his 90th birthday inthere were several concerts around the world held in his honour. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on 21 December This is to avoid the problem of the front page being composed entirely of one user’s posts, which has happened often in the past.