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Cable head type KGTs is used for outside assembling for terminating of three- wire cables with insulation made of impregnated paper with copper or aluminum conductors with cross sections up to mm2, at voltage up to 10 kV.

The cable head consists of the following parts. Detailed procedure for assembling is described in the assembly instructions which is delivered with each order.

When assembling is kabllovske, the cable head is filled with oil mass through the opening of the middle insulator cap which is part of assembling equipment. Housing connector can be attached by means of the pipe roof carrier as shown on the picture above. It is necessary to tighten the pipe roof carrier on the roof construction by pipe rings flat and sloped and to ensure it by tightening with steel rope, bolt with hook and hat, glsve bar, bracket.

Kablovski pribor i oprema – MMS JAGODINA – Cable termination for outdoor mounting

Tin roof unit for roof carrier and tin roof unit for anchor are used to prevent water penetration. Self supporting bunch support holding is made by clamp for carrying support and Al universal pillar bracket. Holding is made by carrying conductor After assembling of conductor, special fastener on the clamp should be closed to prevent self-supporting bunch gglave. The direction changing of distributing self-supporting bunch angular supporting can be done by ,ablovske of two clamps which are hung on Al universal pillar bracket.

Also, in this way it could be done the attaching of self supporting bunch by means of FID insulated waterproof sleeves. The pillar bracket with hooks is used for fixing Al universal bracket on the pillar, but at the same time, multi purpose bracket can be also used.


Distributing self-supporting bunch termination is shown on the picture above. Tension clamp is hung on the Al universal pillar bracket.

Cable terminations

Distributing self-supporting bunch is hold-tensioned by tension clamp. Holding is made by supporting conductor The cable head is mounted on the steel pillar bracket.

The cable is lead through the cable head and is filled by bitumen to prevent water penetration.

The cable is connected by FID sleeves on the cross points. The self-supporting carrying bracket is used for fixing of Al universal pillar bracket on the pillar but in the same way the steel bracket for general purpose can be used.

Self-supporting cable bunch housing connectors can be assembled on the wall too, as shown on the picture above. The bracket for housing connector should be put on the wall. Self-supporting cable bunch is attached by tension clamp which is hung on bracket. Self-supporting cable bunch is led from clamp by means of insulated waterproof connection sleeves — FID and further through the hole kablvske the wall to main distributive box.

Self-supporting cable bunch housing connector can be assembled on the roof, as shown on the picture above. It is necessary to put a tin for housing connector on the roof through which the bolt with hook is tightened to roof construction.

Tension clamp for housing connector is hung on hook which is attached self-supporting cable bunch. Cable is lead from the hole on the tin for housing glavw to the main distributive box where is connected to house installation by insulated waterproof clamps — FID. Equipment for single tension insulator chain consists of hinge carrier with a wedge and tension support clamp. Equipment for double tension insulator chain consists of hinge carrier with a wedge, two extensions, two spacer sleeves and the tension support clamp.


Equipment does not include insulators — they are ordered separately. When ordering, indicate type of insulators and kablovsle insulator number in the chain. The equipment for single support insulator chain consists of hinge carriers blave a wedge and carrying support clamp.

Equipment for double kablovsks insulator chain consists of hinge support with a wedge, two spacer sleeves and a clamp for carrying support. Equipment does not include insulators, i. Steel parts are usually cold galvanized, but on customers request hot-dip galvanized.

This device for transferring cable bunch from pulley tackle onto supporting clamp is a new product on the Euro market. It is very simple to work with and makes the job of mounting cable bunches easier. It is intended for laying mid-voltage cable bunches and also for mounting ABC of 0,4 kV.

The device has a built-in hydraulic by which cable bunch is risen over yoke and chain and transmitted to the supporting clamp. Home About us Products Cable Accesories for uninsulated electrical networks. Modular measuring and distribution boxes. The cable head consists of the following parts silumine cable head housing two porcelain and one glass insulator the middle insulator is made of glass and used for visual control of oil level copper funnel, which is tightened to lower part of the housing, through which cable goes into the The funnel is also used for weld lead-coating of cable so the space between the cable and the head becomes hermetically closed.

Al-Cu bolt is ordered separately Package: Code number Chain type Package pcs Single 10 Double Manual hydraulic elevator 1,5 t Handle Pulley tackle supporter Bracket Support clamp structure Package: Archives September July May On the pillar by means of: On the roof by means of clamp for housing connector, bolt with hook and tin roof unit for housing connector.