Just The Way You Are [Barbara Freethy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Customers who like books by Kristin Hannah, Luanne Rice. Alli MacGuire, always the tagalong sister, seduced Sam Tucker, the boyfriend of her older and more beautiful sister Tessa, and became pregnant. After watching. Take a romantic journey with Barbara Freethy to Tucker’s Landing, Oregon, where Sam and Alli Tucker have made a life together a life about.

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Grandma is sick oh and William loves her, but she doesn’t love him back or some stupid storyAlli asked for a divorce from Sam because she found clippings of Tessa in his drawer that were given to him by Grandmafreetny Alli tells Tessa that Sam still fgeethy her, so Tessa throws her hat into the ring for Sam’s heart.

It was a beautiful story, that I didn’t expect to love but I did.

Just the Way You Are

Then Tessa, the beauty of the sisters, is offered the opportunity of a lifetime to go modeling and she takes it leaving Sam by himself with a broken heart and a lot of alcohol. I don’t feel that happened.

You can see her point and understand why she is seeking for a second chance with Sam, the man she thought was meant for her, before her sister came crashing into her relationship.

Alli, as mentioned was Tessa’s sister, younger sister who always had a crush on Sam. The only person Ally had was Tessa. You know, I’m glad she’s here. Wat a really really good read, all the characters were developed in a beautiful manner. It is no longer enough for her to be wife and lover when she knows she holds so little of his heart. Barbarq Tessa must come home because her and Allie’s grandmother is sick.


Allison was in love with her older sister’s boyfriend. Alli is very pregnant now. And it made me cry so much. I liked how the author rfeethy the insecurities, the love and longing. Sam, the guy in question, never loved Alli but slept with her because her sister, Tessa, chose to pursue a career instead of staying with him in their small hometown. Suddenly at end BOOM all characters realise what they want when they didnt come to realisation for 9 years. The entire book is about how insecure Alli is and how she’s not good enough for Sam, and how she won’t fight for Sam and won’t settle for Sam if Sam loves Tessa.

But God damn it!

Sam and Alli had to get married when she brabara she was pregnant. On vreethy one hand she is a go-getter. But still it would have all been ok and I could have just kept hating Tess if not for Sam. And how could you not after putting yourself in her shoes, however, she takes control of things most of the time and does the right thing as well. Barbara’s love of writing developed out of a love of reading. The writing was excellent, I just wish the story had lived up to the dramatic promise.

The true test for Sam comes when Tessa returns because their grandmother had a stroke. The characters were all confused i get that but they were confused for the whole part of the book and they couldnt come to their senses untill end. Ultimately, nothing happens here Di buku ini kita tidak hanya dibawa melihat suatu permasalahan melalui jjust sudut pandang saja.


Just the Way You Are by Barbara Freethy

I believe in his opinion that eye is the window to human soul. In Sam’s case she feels that she got him by default because nine years ago while Sam and Tessa had broken up after an argument, Allie slept with Sam and got pregnant. She is sure she deserves a man that loves her back, and she doesn’t want to keep on going with her life without ever having experienced that feeling.

A novel should have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Saat saya meneruskan membaca buku ini saya menyadari ada banyak peristiwa yang terjadi yang kemudian berujung pada malam Alli dan Sam berhubungan intim sehingga membuahkan Megan.

When Sam is 20 and Alli 18, they have a one-night stand that results, of course, in her getting pregnant. Ten years ago Sam was made married Alli because it was the right thing nust do. Oh, and Alli’s hot photographer friend, Jimmy, comes to visit, throwing another wrench in the mix.

I liked this book way more than I thought I would!