The Brinewall Legacy, an adventure by James Jacobs with support articles by Tim Nightengale It is the first of six chapters in the Jade Regent Adventure Path . Pathfinder Adventure Path: Jade Regent Part 1 – The Brinewall Legacy [James Jacobs, Paizo Staff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Welcome to the first chapter of our Jade Regent campaign, The Brinewall Legacy ! Our neophyte adventurers in Sandpoint are drawn into long-hidden secrets by.

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They certainly mattered to me. Geek Tweets My Tweets 2e 3. The Brinewall Legacy Author: To be fair, I am not sure what the proper balance should be, nor am Jae convinced that a naming regime utilizing a faux Japanese is the wrong approach. Ashley Brown rated it really liked it Dec 01, It is not often that a backstory in a module will tug on my flinty heartstrings, but Jacobs manages it here just the same.


To be fair, there are a number of caravan encounters that are shifted to page 81 of the Bestiary, so that adds a second page. Read on as we uncover the secrets of the Brinewall Legacy.

The counter to this complaint is that an Eastern flavoured module needs to be exactly brinewwll Perhaps replacing the trouble encounter with a Haunt might prove more palatable a conclusion?

Stockfish rated it it was amazing Mar 17, That said, in terms of generalities, there were three aspects of this part of the adventure that were particular standouts.

Pathfinder Adventure Path #49: The Brinewall Legacy

I have a six-year old son and I found it to be quite disturbing in the imagery the story invoked. If your players have already played We Be Goblinsyou should not consider that a liability; rather, it is one of the strengths of The Brinewall Legacy. So the child burns to death, screaming under this pile of firewood, as he hears his family and friends being slaughtered around him beyond the closet door and unable lebacy help him. Lists with This Book. Here, I think the major kudos go not to Blando whose map art remains up to his usual excellent standards but to the turnover by Jacobs as map designer.


Indeed, if anything, Ameiko, Shelalu, Koya, and Sandru are under-utilized in the module as presented.

The Brinewall Legacy – PathfinderWiki

Scott Andrews rated it really liked it Apr 05, At least, that the PCs perspective on things; however, what the GM reads is something else entirely. While that is not a drawback to an Adventure Path per seit is a warning to those GMs who prefer nrinewall purchase opening volumes of an AP for use as campaign starters of their own.

Brenna rated it really liked it Feb 18, One of the major knocks on larger dungeon crawls can be the unremitting combat the dungeon presents, such that opportunities for role-play can be lost and the game can devolve into a tabletop combat game for unacceptably long stretches of time. Moreover, aesthetically, the faux Japanese did seem strained at times. kegacy

I read the module from cover to cover and it really is great. Aug 08, Michele marked it as reference Shelves: In Golarion, it is essentially always A.

The highlight though not the climax of the adventures through the Brinestump Marsh is the fairly detailed and well developed camp of the Licktoad Goblins rules by Chief Gutwad.

Retrieved from ” https: I found this to be a deeply unsatisfying resolution and I glared at the page a few brineall after reading it thrice. No thought was given to what they ate, where they spent their days when awake — and nights as brinwwall slept — where they went to the bathroom or even if they didor how they communicated with others in the dungeon complex when under attack.

A GM who takes the time to read and re-read Act III can get a coherent picture of what the foes and denizens of Brinewall will do to coordinate their defences depending on when and where the PCs choose to invade it.

Then we rescue a barbarian chick from some holding cells. I also appreciate that if the author is going to take the time to create verisimilitude with dynamic henchmen in the Brinewall ruins, it also makes sense to preserve the same verisimilitude when it comes to a naming regime for Eastern monsters and non-player characters.

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Tolo is set up to attack the party when they enter the storage room. Petri Wessman rated it liked it Apr 11, It is, in fact, an Attic Whisperer from Bestiary 2. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The Ruins of Brinewall Fortress The longest part of The Brinewall Legacy and its final act takes place within the ruined fortress of Brinewall and its environs. Tim rated it really liked it Oct 01, Jessica rated it it was amazing Apr 06, The PCs will kill Tolo, almost every time and that will be legavy.

This way the PC’s can defeat said encounter and learn that there is still more than can be jadf to alleviate the sad state of affairs that exist in this location?

Pathfinder Adventure Path A tribe of goblins in the nearby Brinestump Marsh have grown uncommonly bold, probably because they appear to have located a cache of fireworks. I liked this new addition to the AP line and it made these items especially easy to identify and note.

Jade Regent Adventure Path Vol. But in vanquishing the pyromaniac goblins, the heroes uncover a secret that has been hidden in the marsh for nearly a quarter of a century – a secret that sends them north to the mysterious ruins of Brinewall Castle, where When the Licktoad Goblins of Brinestump Marsh get ahold of a crate of fireworks, adventurers are needed to handle the explosive and annoying situation.

The Path of Destiny When a trove of fireworks falls into the hands of the goblins of Brinestump Marshthe people of Sandpoint fear an explosive invasion.