View and Download IBM ThinkPad X setup manual online. IBM ThinkPad X: Install Guide. ThinkPad X Laptop pdf manual download. Contents ThinkPad X / i Series Hardware Maintenance Manual 1 Introduction 2 Important Service Information 2 How to Use Error Messages 3 How to. IBM. Part Number: 08K ThinkPad X Quick. Reference and Service IBM Service Website: Note: To see the Online User’s Guide, click Start.

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Many customers have, near their equip- ment, rubber floor mats that contain small conductive fibers to decrease electrostatic discharges.


If the battery status indicator does not turn on, remove the Battery and let it return to room temperature. Hard disk drive 3. Compruebelo agitando el sistema y escuchando los posibles ruidos que provocaroan. If the thinopad detects a keyboard problem, do the following one at a time to correct the problem.

The following is not covered under warranty: See “Power System Checkout” on page Power on the computer. System board LCD has extra hori- zontal or vertical lines displayed.

Another person must be there to switch off the power, if necessary. Use product-specific ESD procedures when they exceed the requirements noted here. Thinjpad check them for damage. If you change the memory size, you need to recreate the hibernation file or partition. Besides the checkout tests described in this section, there are other items you can test for using the PC-Doctor DOS diagnostics 3990x. To remove the modem card: Keyboard if control is from the keyboard 3.


Date of purchase 5.

Ibm ThinkPad X Manuals

The operating system obtains the status through the system management interface to control the system. The guide consists of a series of steps presented in a checklist. To remove the LCD inverter: Afin d’eviter tout risque de choc electrique, thinklad retirez pas le cache en plastique protegeant la partie inferieure de la carte d’alimentation.

Signal lines, not used in these steps, are used for communications between the system and the battery. IBM may make improve- ments or changes in the products or the programs described in this publication at any time. Check that the power-supply cover fasteners screws or rivets have not been removed or tampered with. Do the following when you service this machine: Examples of these hazards are moist floors, nongrounded power extension cables, power surges, and missing safety grounds.

Do the following to select the test device. Disconnect the Diskette Drive cable from the con- nector. Protect against ESD damage by equalizing the charge so that the machine, the part, the work mat, and the person handling the part are all at the same charge.

Akkus enthalten geringe Mengen think;ad Nickel. Replace the Diskette Drive. You are here because the computer fails only when the AC Adapter is used: Use your thumb first to pull out the backup battery RTC. Load Setup Defaults and reboot the system.

Carefully release the latches on both sides of the modem card.

Lenovo ThinkPad 390X Manuals

Check exterior covers for damage loose, broken, or sharp edges. Before using hibernation mode, you need a hibernation file. Dispose of the battery as required by local ordinances or regulations. Disconnect the cable from the inverter board.


Translation iibm page 8 The lithium battery can cause a fire, explosion, or severe burn. Disconnect the fan cable from the connector. See the fol- lowing figure: The CPU tool is for depot use only. Turn on the computer.

Intel Intel Corporation Mylar E. The following safety notices are provided in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages. A small number of missing, discol- ored, or lighted dots on all the time is characteristic of TFT LCD technology, but excessive pixel problems can cause viewing concerns.

The screws do not separate from the modem board cover. Name and phone number of servicer 2. Quando si sostituisce la batteria dell’RTC real time clock o la batteria di supporto, utilizzare soltanto i tipi inseriti nell’appropriato Catalogo parti. Be careful not to replace a non-defective FRU. Press the left and right arrow keys to move manua, the main menu. If the error still remains: Full text of ” Laptop Service Manual: Disconnect the power manhal from the microphone.

La bateria de repuesto es una bateria de litio y puede provocar incendios, explosiones o quemaduras graves. Antes de quitar una FRU, apague el sistema, desenchufe todos los cables de las tomas de corriente electrica, quite la bateria y, a continuacion, desconecte cualquier cable de conexion entre dispositivos.