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GOST – 0, Aluminium and aluminium alloys plates. GOST – 74, Strips from silver solders. GOST – 76, Sheets of aluminium alloys. GOST −76 Sheets of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Specifications (with Amendments No. 1, 2, 3). GOST − Group В INTERSTATE. Unbelievable price on Aluminum sheet 2,5 in accordance with GOST , Amg6 brand in Moscow (Russia) company MetTransTerminal Nizhnij Novgorod, .

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Your phone number in international format, please. The chemical composition determined for two leaves from the party. Other impurities are not controlled.

Database of Steel and Alloy (Marochnik)

Reference normative and technical documents: By visiting gst site, you accept the use of cookies. More about our cookie policy. Will call in 30 seconds. Call back in 30 seconds. Connect with the office Ukraine Russia Germany.

You pay in rubles or hryvnia? There may be Sberbank and Privatbank.

Contact us for details. Web designer — Fresh. Alumel wire NiMn3Al Alumel sheet, strip. Chromel wire NiCr10 Chromel sheet, strip. Thermocouple copel wire CuNi40 Copel sheet, strip.

Constantan alloy Constantan wire, bar, rod Constantan strip, sheet. Tungsten rhenium wire WRe20 Tungsten rhenium thermocouple. Ni36, Invar Wire, rod, bar Sheet, strip. Ni42, Invar 42 Ni42 wire, rod, bar Sheet, strip. Ni-Span C Wire, bar, rod Sheet, strip. Alloy 45N Sheet, strip foil.

GOST Standards for non-ferrous sheet, plate, strip. Marochnik

Alloy 47ND Sheet, strip, foil. NiFe50, Permalloy Wire, rod, bar Sheet, strip. Alloy 50NHS Sheet, strip, foil. InconelAlloy Wire, rod. Inconel Wire, rod bar A sheet platea strip foil. IncoloyAlloy Wire, rod bar The sheet platestrip foil Flange, valve, fitting. MP35N Wire, rod bar Sheet platestrip foil. Alloy 59 Rod bar. Hastelloy C22 Wire, rod bar Sheet platestrip foil. HN63MB alloy Sheet, strip, foil. Titanium strip Titanium foil.


Titanium sheet Titanium plate Titanium coil. Titanium grade 2 pipe Wire, rod barhex bar Sheet platestrip. Titanium gost VT Pipe, sheet plate.

Titanium grade 6, Ti5Al2. PT-1M Rod barwire. Titanium PT-7M Rod barwire. Titanium grade 9 Ti3Al2. Titanium gost VT16 Tube, sheet plate.

Titanium 2163 VT20 Tube, sheet plate. Titanium gost VT22 Pipe, sheet plate. European titanium Titanium grade 7 Titanium grade 7 Strip foil. Titanium grade 11 Rod barwire. Titanium grade 17 Rod barwire. Titanium grade 19 Rod barwire. Titanium grade 23 sheet, plate, tube Rod barwire. Titanium grade 36 Sheet, strip foil. Titanium grade 38 Rod barwire. Ti-6Al-6V-2Sn Rod barwire. TiV-2Fe-3Al Rod barwire. Ti-8Al-1Mo-1V Rod barwire. Strip foil Busbar band.

Bronze sheet Bronze plate. Beryllium bronze Sheet, strip foil. CuSi3Mn1 tube, wire, rod Sheet, strip foil. CuCr, CuCr1 pipe, rod, wire Sheet, strip foil. CuAl9Mn2 rod, wire, tube Sheet, strip foil. CuAl10Fe4Ni4 pipe, wire, rod Sheet, strip foil. CuBe2NiTi rod, wire, pipe Sheet, strip foil.

Import Data and Price of plate gost at Vizac Sea | Zauba

CuAl9Fe4 pipe, wire, rod Sheet, strip foil. CuCd1 wire, pipe Sheet, strip foil. Leaded tin bronzes C C C Manganese bronze C C European bronze C Phosphorous bronze C C C Silicon gosf C C C Beryllium Copper C Sheet, strip foil Flange, fitting, valve. Copper Tin Sheet, strip foil. Monel pipe Wire, rod bar Sheet, strip foil Flange, valve, fitting.

Strip foil Busbar, band. Copper ggost Copper plate. Red brass C C Rare metals mill-products Vanadium strip, sheet, pid, ingot Vanadium strip, sheet, pid, ingot Vanadium wire, rod. Hafnium rod, wire, pipe, bar Hafnium sheet, strip foil. Cobalt strip, sheet, pig, ingot Wire, rod.

Search Import Export Data of India

Magnesium pipe, wire Sheet, strip foil. Niobium pipe, rod, bar, wire Sheet, strip foil. Rhenium strip, sheet, pig, ingot Wire, rod. Tantalum tube, rod, bar, wire Sheet, strip foil. Zirconium pipe, bar, rod, wire Sheet, strip foil. Rare metal mill-products Beryllium metal ingot Gadolinium metal ingot Gallium metal ingot Germanium metal ingot Yttrium metal ingot Gots metal ingot Selenium metal ingot Scandium metal ingot.


Lantanhides Holmium metal ingot Dysprosium gist ingot Europium metal ingot Ytterbium metal ingot Lanthanum metal ingot Lutetium metal Neodymium metal ingot Praseodymium metal ingot Samarium metal ingot Terbium metal ingot Thulium metal ingot Cerium metal ingot Erbium metal ingot. Stainless and alloy steel Powders of non-ferrous metals Powders of non-ferrous 221631 Vanadium powder Tungsten powder Cobalt powder Molybdenum powder Nickel powder Tantalum powder. Stainless mill-products Stainless pipe Stainless pipe Glst thin-walled Seamless thick-walled pipe Stainless welded pipe.

Stainless wire Stainless spring wire Stainless welding wire. Stainless rod Stainless rod. Stainless strip Stainless foil stainless band busbar. Stainless sheet Stainless hot rolled plate Skin-pass stainless cold-rolled sheet Perforated stainless sheet. NiCr20Ti pipe Wire, rod bar Sheet, strip. X10CrAl24, aisi pipe Wire, rod, bar Sheet, strip. Fost LSi rod, wire, pipe Sheet, strip foil. Tool steel High speed steel R18 circle wire wire R18 circle wire wire Strip, sheet. R6M5 the circle wire wire Strip, sheet.

R6M5K5 the circle wire wire Strip, sheet. P9 round wire wire Strip, sheet. Strip foil The tire strip. Aluminum sheet Aluminum plate. Duralumin tape The tire strip.