My favourite exposure meter. I have some analog meters too, but I prefer this one. Not because it is supposed to be more precisely, but it has a. flash and continuous light metering walimex pro Exposure Meter from Gossen incident/reflected light metering super-thin and lightweight simple oper. Shop Gossen Sixtomat Flash (Ambient/Flash) Light Meter at KEH Camera, your source for buying and selling used cameras.

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The Gossen Sixtomat F2 Exposure Meter is an incident and reflected light meter with high accuracy and programming options.

Alaska and Hawaii may be more and costs may vary to other places. I would recommended to a friend. I actually printed out all 20 pages of it so I could study it properly.

Flah This Page Tweet. For parts or not working. Free Expedited Shipping fvzqbyxqudwyaxxu. Make fossen note of the shooting conditions. Indeed, far more so than any reflected meter which you always have to compensate for the subject’s colour, reflectivity, backlighting etc.

A figure preceded by? Made in West Germany.

Gossen Sixtomat Flash Light Meter

With actuate value button play range. Order in the next 0: I have never used it other than to put a battery in it to see how it works. SIXTOMAT flash is operable for metering for a period of 45 s meter readiness prevails as long as F remains visible on the display — Fire the flash — The measured aperture total of flash and continuous sixtomzt appears on the left digital display, and as a flashing mark on the analog aperture scale.

However, measurement does require constant light. If the shadow reading is beyond the film’s latitude then surfaces facing away from the sun will be dark with little or no detail. When used in conjunction with a synchronizing cable the flash is fired by depressing the M button — the flash is automatically fired and measured.


It has a feel of a good quality product with a well written, clear and comprehensive instruction sixtomxt – if needed.

Gossen Sixtomat F2 accessories. Important remarks concerning correction values. Aperture or shutter priority selection Useful for analog and goossen photography ISO range from 3.

The battery must be immediately replaced. Assuming you’re rating the film at your tested EI then pointing the incident meter at the sun results in correctly exposed surfaces that are facing the sun.

Gossen Flash Photography Light Meter for sale | eBay

Now select from the processed pictures the flasu you consider to be optimal and compare its settings with the meter readings. For this purpose it is necessary to select a point that has the same lighting level as the subject.

The microcomputer performs a self-checking routine as soon as the battery has been flssh. It’s 11 o’clock on Christmas eve, Happy Christmas and good night!

Initially turn the setting disk to set the ASA of your film. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Delivery Options see all. Display outside the display range. When measuring the EV, should I put the diffuser on? Push back the battery compartment cover. When putting the white diffuser on to measure incident light, shoudl I point the diffuser to the light source or point to the camera – it takes difference readings when pointing to the light aource and to the camera, which way should I go?

I was disappointed that I could find these for sale anymore. In addition, a recall of all possible combinations and storage for settings are available.


This can be used with programmable exposure correction from Gossen Sixtomat F2 reviews. International orders are processed the next sixtkmat day. The exposure settings for the remaining shots are then increased and decreased, respectively, by half an f-stop and sictomat a full f-stop. One of my flssh functions of the old F and this new F2 meter is the exposure correction factors. Consequently, the reading always depends upon the inherent brightness of the subject!!

Rated 5 out gossej 5 by Terry from Best light meter for the money As a professional art portrait photographer this meter is accurate, rugged, inexpensive, and totally reliable for in and out of studio endeavors.

I have to diasgree – I have just read the above link and as implied in my first answer, it is NOT simply a case of holding the meter in a certain place and taking the reading as gospel. I use this mainly for my film work but on occasion I use it for incident readings when I use digital gear. One thing that really sets this apart is that it has an EV readout option. Incident meters are very easy to use. Correction values can also be directly measured. And then a meter reading is taken that lies parallel with the projected connecting line between the actual subject and the camera.

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