Golden Boy was Clifford Odets’s most successful theatrical production. First published in in the United States, the play was a dramatic departure from. How Clifford Odets’ Golden Boy Survived 75 Years in the Theatrical Ring. Backstory. by Josh Ferri • Nov 24, Clockwise from left: Clifford Odets; Luther. Golden Boy has ratings and 17 reviews. Maria said: Yikes. I feel really guilty marking this book as 2 stars given some of the other things I have rat.

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Golden Boy | play by Odets |

I change my life! Bonaparte comes back into the dressing room and sees Pepper’s deformed knuckles. Golden Boy Clifford Odets Limited preview – This works, and Joe steadily devotes himself to boxing, in the process developing a cocky attitude. Dec 05, Dylan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Clifford Odets, leading dramatist of the theatre of social protest in the United States during the s. Six months later, Joe’s career continues to advance. Bonaparte refuses and tells him to be careful for his hands.

Despite this, Lorna cannot bring herself to break off her relationship with Moody. The third act is even quicker as the play builds to its climax.

bky Bonaparte asks Lorna to watch out for Joe, and to help him find his true path in life. Golden Boy by Clifford Odets. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. Tokio is Joe’s trainer, and is one of the few people outside of Joe’s clifford who shows genuine concern for Joe’s feelings.

As Joe gets immersed more and more in the world of boxing, he tells Moody that “Eddie’s the only one here who understands me. I love the time period that this play takes place in and that it centers around a young boxer.


Golden Boy by Clifford Odets

However, Lefty, the guiding spirit of the union, has already been murdered by unknown assailants, and even the ringing call to action at the end of the play suggests martyrdom as well as the benefits of solidarity. Critics made much of Odets’s decision to leave the New York theatre scene for Hollywood, which many saw as going against his earlier stance of protesting large, corporate organizations such as movie bot. Joe Bonaparte, known only as “Boy” in the first part of the first scene, is a talented violinist, who trades his musical dream for the chance to pursue a life of fame and fortune in boxing.

Thank you for your feedback. Lorna decides to leave Moody. From to Odets learned his profession as an…. Indeed, the romantic stance—as Odets portrayed it in the America of his time—was collateral to be called in, leaving only a shell without substance. Although these strikes— ultimately ruled unconstitutional—often led to violence between the strikers, industry management, hired thugs, police, and even the National Guardthey were extremely effective at oeets management to settle contracts.

He has done this by making the whole thing into a morality which would instruct and read us all a lesson himself and his audience even while it amused. Lorna has come from a bad home life, where her father beat her odetd repeatedly and her mother committed suicide.

But he is a defeated man. No eBook available Samuel French, Inc. Even as a boy, Odets was drawn to writers of powerful imagination whose heroes struggled with questions of identity and self-realization through social action or artistic effort.

Golden Boy

The good allegory will hold one’s interest by the sheer directness or vividness of its story, the suggested meaning of which may occur to us only in retrospect, or which may be so organically imbedded in the structure of the story that in absorbing the story details we are almost automatically and spontaneously aware of their meaning.


Mar 23, Gale rated it liked it Shelves: Joe’s immersion into the world of boxing is swift after this, and it is not long before he has exchanged his shy, sensitive personality for a cocky attitude and a murderous hate. Joe continues to box, but he is torn between the violin and boxing, a fact that is evident in the ring—where he is noticeably pulling his punches to protect his hands.

Siggie is frustrated because he wants to open his own taxicab business instead of driving a cab for a company, where he will never make enough money to get ahead in life. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Golden Boy

The first line of the play is an exclamation from Moody: Before the celebration begins, Joe learns his final blow has killed his opponent. Fuseli odefs him, saying that “You’re in this up to your neck.

However, despite his one moment of decency, Charlie is lost.

Another member of the play’s cast introduced Odets to the Theatre Guild, which in turn led him to the Group Theatre, which he joined in When Kaplan is out with “a busted mitt” from hitting Joe’s elbow, Joe immediately comes to see Moody.