From back cover: In Gamemastering Secrets, Aaron Rosenberg and guest contributors cover everything about running a roleplaying game, from choosing a . Game Mastering Secrets cover Gamemastering Secrets 2nd Edition Written by Aaaron Rosenberg Published by Grey Ghost Games b & w pages $ Gamemastering Secrets, 2nd Edition, won the Origins Award in the “Best Retailer Locator: find GM Secrets and other Grey Ghost products.

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You decide what game to play, where to set the story, what story to run, and what characters are involved– you set the stage for the adventure, and handle the running of it. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. It’s a primer on how to game without actually having a game system behind it to learn at the same time. Some of the software mentioned is no longer available, and the discussions of how to use the Internet are somewhat naive, given the explosive growth of ubiquitous on-line communication services and the rise of Wikipedia.

If you’ve never GM’d before, they teach you how to go about it, where to start and how to proceed, and enough tricks to convince anyone that you’re a veteran. We’re looking at adding messaging and chat capabilities, let us know if you’d like to see those here!

Choosing a system is as important as setting, and is covered briefly in the next section. Still in the original factory shrink wrap, with condition visible through shrink noted.

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This book needs more concrete, specific examples, and it needs to provide specific recommended actions for specific situations in order to be more useful. In Gamemastering Secrets, Aaron Sedrets and guest contributors cover everything about running a roleplaying game, from choosing a game system to closing out a long-running campaign.


Regardless gamemastwring your game system, aspiring and expert GMs will find useful information, tips, tricks, and hints for putting together a great game for their players. The book starts off with some basic tips for first timers. The next section, “Secrets from the Masters”, covers a wide variety of “guest” articles that are mainly open game content.

Gamemastering Secrets

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The Science and Art of Map Making. The book also discusses when it’s OK to change rules, or make rulings on situations where the rules don’t apply.

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. The cover illustration is faded into the background in the center of every page with text going over it. What exactly are you looking for?

Dork Tower strips pepper the pages, providing a humorous look at the topics presented on the page.

If you’ve never GM’d before, they teach you how to go about it, where to start and how to proceed, and enough tricks to convince anyone that you’re a veteran. Skill Based buy or gain skills. While the information isn’t a walkthrough solution “do this, then do that”it does point the reader in the direction they’ll have to take and point out the issues involved.

Making the transition from novice GM to experienced GM takes practice and experience, and many guides have decent advice, but Gamemastering Secrets, 2nd edition goes beyond simple advice, bringing together practical and hard-won advice in this classic tome. Complete and gamemasteriny useable. The book then explores some of the more common genres of role playing games to aid the GM in choosing the sort of adventure they sercets be interested gamemastsring running. Mark Arsenault Daniel M.


The second part of the Gamemastering Secrets book is really where the book shines. This chapter helps the GM look confident and work with the flow secrers the characters to insure that interesting things happen and that each event works with the continuity of the campaign.

Game Mastering Secrets Full Inventory from Wade Guthrie – Noble Knight Games

The parts on running the adventure go deeper into tailoring the game to the characters you’ve got, as well as insuring that the characters themselves are appropriate for the setting.

Those gamers will expect a minimum of usefulness that is specifically tailored to D20 sessions, and Game Mastering Secrets doesn’t deliver in seecrets regard.

Item is complete unless noted. You’ve got prep work to do – events to plan, areas to map, characters to create and develop. Home Back to Results. This book is a good resource for Dungeon Masters to gain a different voice in ideas in creating stories for your players. It’s also a heavy responsibility.

The d20 system 3E gets some mention in these pages, as does Fudge, but thankfully there is little in this book that directly relates to either system. Gamemastering Secrets 2nd Edition. Game rules to solve problem situations aren’t provided though, which follows the standard of the book: Also covered are the more difficult aspects of GM duties: There are some symbols and illustrations in the mapping section, but that’s it.