Full text of “FBI MIOG Sec Informants”. See other formats. Sensitive Manual of Investigative Operation! and Guidelines Part I PAGE ” 1 SECTION FBI Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines (Section on Informants) = 74 pages. This article will focus on how to research FBI policies and procedures for the operation of informants.

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Care must-be exercised to ensure that informants do not par ticipate in consensual monitoring activities. The code name or pseudonym is fbk to the informant as a meaiure of additional security and mutt be utilized in signing payment receipts.

FBIHQ should be advised of the details of all such transactions. Definition of Confidential Source, Informant, and Continuing Basis 6 ” 1 A confidential source, under these guidelines, is any person or entity furnishing information to the FBI on a confidential basis, where such information has been obtained as a result of legitimate employment or access to records and is provided consistent with applicable law.

Informants and Undercover Investigations: Length of tiae which the inforaant devoted to the investigation. A determination to continue use of the informant or confidential source must be approved by the Director or a senior Headquarters official, after consultation with the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division.

These changes would include appointment or election to public office. The personal recommendation of the SAC. All dissemination, to informant. All other administrative information pertaining to the informant should be entered into CIMS as soon as it becomes available.

This summary should include the title and character of each case, the general nature of the information tbi eervice provided by the source in the investigation, and a statement as to the value of the information or Tf V -! A significant risk that a third party will dbi into a professional or confidential “I. Three copies of the FD will be prepared.

Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines (MIOG) – The Black Vault

Htigative or prosecutorial considerations. Activity that is proscribed by Federal. Appraisal of whether request centers on source s new criminal involvement, and how source is aware of new criminal activity. Interdivisional correspondence should be addressed to FBIHQ with copies designated for interested offices. An interim progress report should be miof if a continuance, beyond date originally projected for conclusion, is necessary, and a detailed progress report should be submitted at the conclusion of activity; Each informant’s reliability and the action taken when reliability is in question are to be considered during the vbi review.


WC CS or D to indicate the primary are. In the event there is no record.

FBI MIOG Sec 137–Informants

The informant’s symbol number and true name should not appear on any communications which are not secure. Fitzgerald for additional information. Information received on two or more substantive investigative matters must be recorded on separate inserts and filed only in the pertinent substantive investigative file. Uses the FBI as a source of information so that he can further his criminal operations and eliminate competition.

This will preclude the continued operation of marginal privileged informants and milg imi t contacts with privileged sources to those which are fully justified by operational considerations. It is recognized that in the course of using an informant or confidential source, the FBI nay receive limited information concerning a variety of criminal activities by the niog or confidential source, and that in regard to less serious participation in criminal activities unconnected to an FBI assignment, it may be necessary to forego any further investigative or enforcement action in fbbi to retain the source of information.

Such approval must be recorded in the file. S a conscious FBI officii!. Miiog of this document is difficult due to the size and the fact that the document is not searchable.

FBI Manual of Investigative Operations & Guidelines [MIOG]

Pro Bono work is performed on a case by case basis. The teletype must include: In these situations, the request should stt forth adequate justification for the enhanced authority level.

The supervisor shall make a determination whether to notify appropriate state or local law enforcement or prosecutive authorities of any violation of law and shall make a determination whether continued use of the informant or confidential source is justified.

If the inforaant is to testify, whether the Federal prosecutor concurs in the payment. Required Findings of Suitability and Pertinence For Any Informant or Confidential Source Used on a Continuing Basis, Any Informant Authorized to Associate in Activities, Participation in Which Otherwise Would be Criainal, and Any Informant or Confidential Source Providing Substantial Operational Assistance in an Undercover Operation ” 1 No informant or confidential source stay be used to provide information on a continuing basis, no informant may be authorized to associate in activities, participation in which otherwise would be criainal, nor may any informant or confidential source be used to provide substantial operational assistance in an undercover operation, unless the supervisory FBI official designated below has made written findings: These documents are available to the public through the Freedom of information Act.

Researching FBI records can be very difficult and frustrating since many of the records are not searchable once you find the record you desire. Al 1 memoranda are to contain the following information: A secure teletype must be submitted to FBIHQ setting forth the facts and circumstances concerning the informant’s violent activity, what notification or request has been made to state or local law enforcement or prosecutive authorities, what use will be made of any information gathered through the activity; and, whether the office will continue to use the informant.


However, individuals identified in Task force members who have been authorized by the SaC to act as a co-case Agent may be present at debrief ings, witness payments, and have access to the informant’s file. In the event that the informant did testify, the case Agent should set forth the general nature and aubject matter of the testimony in the memorandum. An extension of the initial day period may be I authorized by the SAC. Notification of an informant reference should be coordinated with the appropriate supervisor having responsibility for the mail being searched.

Vogel View Profile on Experts. Source’s employment; if unemployed, how source it subsisting; and extent this activity jeopardizes source’s livelihood.

The file will not leave the room, except for the express purpose of a file review by the supervisor or the handling Agent. Policies and procedures for the operation of informants by the FBI are available through the FOIPA and may be accessed through the internet at various sites.

Any decision not to destroy all information about the person or entity shall be recorded with explanatory facts and circumstances in an investigative case file and shall be reviewed periodically by the SAC or designated field supervisor. Correspondence requesting approval to open U file items photograph, fingerprint eerd. Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division or hi, designee of the fact, and circumstance, concerning the informant’s or confidential source’s violation of law what notification or request has been made to state or local law enforcement or prosecutive authorities, and the supporting reasons, whs u,e will be made of any information gathered through the violation of law.

Care must be taken to ensure that the choice of the code name does not tend to identify the informant’s true name, occupation, or information which is unique to the informant.

It should not be serialized or destroyed.