The Authorised Evochron Mercenaries’ Technical Manual. (or “How your equipment works”). Extended & Revised Third Edition created by DaveK (aka Incoming). Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also extremely useful, .. Evochron Mercenary (Mission – Protect Navy Ship From Vonari). This manual has been written because information explaining how the technology Layout of the Manual. frame sizes used by mercenaries in Evochron.

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The shield system consists of 4 directional arrays, and each one protects a 90 degree range of the ship. This section will give you some tactics to use to achieve these goals.

I don’t know if there is a manual included. Instead, you need to approach your target at an angle. A class 5 cargo scanner is capable of detecting the identity of cargo either in open space or in a ship’s cargo bay at a range of about Countering the Evchron One of the more challenging elements of gameplay in multiplayer is evohcron against the Excalibur missile pack.

The stealth field cloaks the ship visually and prevents it from being detected by sensors. Andromeda As the beacon quest hints at, there is more to this system than may appear at first.

Below is a map showing the overall market levels for the charted systems in Egochron. Keep the hostiles on the opposing side and their weapons won’t be able to hit you. A fuel converter is a remarkable piece of equipment that can transform high energy photon particles into fuel.

Guia Evochron Mercenary

One of the main elements of the game’s universe related to combat is the ship detection and AI system. Secure a missile lock and manuql before the hostile ship gets within gunfire range.

They usually provide a fairly high profit, much higher than raw metal alloys alone. It’s best to try and distract them away from where you want to go, then use the jump drive to travel to your destination.


Best advice in that situation is to launch the CM’s evcohron before the proximity alarm rings to give units enough time to hit the missile with focused energy and cause it to explode before it hits you. A guide about creating equipment and custom weapons, their stats, appearance and requirements.

Their shields are extremely powerful and can usually deflect any incoming gunfire.

Your reputation with each faction in a system will be displayed in the news console along with the other stats. You will likely come up with your own style and unique combinations of offensive and defensive strategies.

inclluded inatructina/manual :: Evochron Mercenary General Discussions

In emergency situations, you can turn off the IDS and cut your engines to reduce your heat signature, mrrcenary you will freefall due to gravity, so mercenarh sure you have enough altitude and you may want to practice this kind of maneuver. First, lets review how space is divided up for the navigation system. One of the most profitable activities early in the game is mining asteroids and this device is needed to harvest the medcenary. In hostile space, you can be attacked at almost any time for any reason by almost any ship even those that may have a temporary or long term alliance with a faction you’re on good terms with.

Because of a saturated market, commodity values and contract pay is generally very low, but the safety of the system makes it a good starting point for new mercenaries. There is a Tutorial, in the game click Tutorial on the Main Menu.

Guia Evochron Mercenary | Evochron Mercenary Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The longer you take getting to the waypoint, the more time you give hostile forces to call in reinforcements. Use Stations for Defense The images above show one way you can use stations as a shelter against weapon attacks from either AI controlled ships or human controlled ships.


Launch countermeasures continually once the proximity alarm sounds and keep launching them until the missiles have been destroyed. Gray View Profile View Posts. Cerulean is currently under Alliance control and does not generally charge docking fees for mercenaries. To do this safely, point the nose of your ship about degrees down from the horizon of the planet in many cases, you can even fly directly at the planet and roll so you are level with the horizon. Armor Plating 1 unit of armor per 2 units of Metal.

Reputations The map above shows the default overall reputation levels in the game when you start out.

Below is a chart showing the number of missions needed for each rank:. The game has some amazing scenery. They are almost always in demand and are a primary incentive for mining.

This rank tracks your military combat record for missions completed in war zones. Destroy Intercept Ships, Clearing Asteroids.

Larger frames with more assembly resources can generally handle more powerful cores with mrecenary compromises in overall design. If a missile is heading straight for you and you’re moving forward at it, then you’re leaving less time for the CM’s to work. A technology economy will usually pay very little for electronic equipment, since they create most of what they need themselves, but mercenarh pay high prices for materials needed to produce them, including diamonds and platinum.

Ship Frames Military The Ferret is a lightweight scout spacecraft designed for high speed reconnaissance. The abundance of its resources provides an almost endless supply of materials for trade and commerce. For items that are built in different classes, you generally need units for a class 1 model, units for a class 2 model, units for a class 3 model, units for a class 4 model, or 25 units for a class 5 model.