Evangelization will never be possible without the action of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit descends on Jesus of Nazareth at the moment of His. , el papa Pablo VI publicó la exhortación apostólica Evangelii Nuntiandi. resurrección gloriosa” Evangelii Nuntiandi describe los aspectos esenciales. Vi, nato giovanni battista enrico antonio maria montini. Evangelii nuntiandi english pdf apostolic exhortation of pope paul vi promulgated on december 8,

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Istituto per le Scienze Religiose, Bolognap. They carry within them the echo of thousands of years of searching for God, a quest which is incomplete but often made with great sincerity and righteousness of heart. The faithful need these certainties for their Christian life; they have a right to them, as children of God who abandon themselves entirely into His arms and to the exigencies of love.

Evangelii Nuntiandi The Role of the Holy Spirit | Catholic Sensibility

It is impossible to grasp the concept of evangelization unless one tries to keep in view all its essential elements. We wish to speak about what today is often called popular religiosity. We rejoice in the fact that these elements basically follow the lines of those transmitted to us by the Second Vatican Council, especially in ” Lumen gentium, ” ” Gaudium et spes ” and ” Ad gentes. Atheistic secularism and the absence of religious practice are found among adults and among the young, among the leaders of society and among the ordinary people, at all levels of education, and in both the old Churches and the young ones.

Evangelii Nuntiandi (December 8, ) | Paul VI

They could not, without a misuse of terms, be called ecclesial communautes de base, even if while being hostile to the hierarchy, they claim to remain within the unity of the Church. But Christ also carries out this proclamation by innumerable signs, which amaze the crowds and at the same time draw them to Him in order to see Him, listen to Him and allow themselves to be transformed by Him: This latter would lose its reason for existence if it were to diverge from the religious axis that guides it: It is He who explains to the faithful the deep meaning of the teaching of Jesus and of His mystery.

Very positive efforts have in fact already been made in this sphere. It is likewise the right of his fellow men to receive from him the proclamation of the Good News of salvation.


Consequently evangelization cannot but include the prophetic proclamation of a hereafter, man’s profound and definitive calling, in both continuity and discontinuity nnuntiandi the present situation: From this flows the second conviction: Todd nujtiandi GIRM The parents not only communicate the Gospel to their children, but from their children they can themselves receive the same Gospel as deeply lived by them.

A means of evangelization that must not be neglected is that of catechetical instruction. The more Gospel-inspired lay people there are engaged in these realities, clearly involved in them, competent to promote them and conscious that they must exercise to the full their Christian powers which are often buried and suffocated, the more these realities will be at the service of the kingdom of God and therefore of salvation in Jesus Christ, without in any way losing or sacrificing their human content but rather pointing to a transcendent dimension which is often disregarded.

There is no true evangelization huntiandi the name, the teaching, the life, the promises, the kingdom and the mystery of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God are not proclaimed. The Church knows this.

When the most obscure preacher, catechist or pastor in the most distant land preaches the Gospel, gathers his little community together or administers a sacrament, even alone, he is carrying out an ecclesial act, and his action is certainly attached to the evangelizing activity of the whole Church by institutional relationships, but also by profound invisible links in the order of grace.

The Church is deeply aware of her duty to preach salvation to all. Pastoral charity must dictate to all those whom the Lord has placed as leaders of the ecclesial communities the proper attitude in regard to this reality, which is at the same time so rich and so vulnerable.

In these cases, they spring from the need to live the Church’s life more intensely, or from the desire and quest for a more human dimension such as larger ecclesial communities can only offer with difficulty, especially in the big modern cities which lend themselves both to life in the mass and to anonymity. The Successor of Peter is thus, by the will of Christ, entrusted with the preeminent ministry of teaching the revealed truth.

It is quite remarkable, moreover, that the most simple Christians, the ones who are most faithful to the Gospel and most open to the true meaning of the Church, have a completely spontaneous sensitivity to this universal dimension.


Anyone who rereads in the New Testament the origins of the Church, follows her history step by step and watches her live and act, sees that she is linked to espsol in her most intimate being:.

10 Amazing similarities between Pope Paul VI and Pope Francis

The witness that the Lord gives of Himself and that Saint Luke gathered together in his Gospel – “I must proclaim the Good News of the kingdom of God”[12] – without doubt has enormous consequences, for it sums up the whole mission of Jesus: Our appeal here is inspired by the fervor of evanggelii greatest preachers and evangelizers, whose lives were devoted to the apostolate. The Church remains in the world when the Lord of glory returns to the Father. But if this were so, the Church would lose her fundamental meaning.

Nuntiabdi Bishops’ Synod ofevanggelii insisted strongly on nuntiqndi place of the Holy Spirit in evangelization, also expressed the desire that pastors and theologians- and we would also say the faithful marked by the seal of the Spirit by Baptism- should study more thoroughly the nature and manner of the Holy Spirit’s action in evangelization today. We wish to point out, above all today, that neither respect and esteem for these religions nor the complexity of the questions raised nuntisndi an invitation to the Church to withhold from these non-Christians the proclamation of Jesus Christ.

For Giving Thanks To…. Nevertheless this always remains insufficient, because even the finest witness will prove ineffective in the long run if it is not explained, justified – what Peter called always having “your answer ready for people who ask you the reason for the hope that you all have”[52] – and made explicit by a clear and unequivocal proclamation of the Lord Jesus.

And He has commanded us to transmit this revelation espzol others with His own authority. AAS 65p. In the celebration of the liturgy, in their witness before judges and executioners and in their apologetical texts, the first Christians readily expressed their deep faith in evxngelii Church by describing her as being spread throughout the universe.

From declaration of the synod fathers, 3 rd general assembly of the synod of bishops. AAS 57 pp.