Evagrius Scholasticus, Ecclesiastical History (AD), translated by E. Walford (). Book 4. THE FOURTH BOOK. CHAPTER I. ACCESSION OF JUSTIN. The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius narrates the history of the church from the start of the Nestorian controversy in until the death of Evagrius’ employer. Evagrius Scholasticus: Christianity: Historical and polemical writing: to was chronicled by Evagrius Scholasticus. The consequences of Chalcedon as.

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Grace is given to the Chuzibite.

The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus

This temple the Vandals, in the reign of Huneric, took by force from the Christians, and ignominiously expelling the priests, refitted it, as henceforward belonging to the Arians.

Of these, if any one is curious to know the particulars, an elaborate account has been given by Strabo, the geographer, Phlegon, and Diodorus Siculus, as well as by Arrian and Pisander the poet, and, besides, by the distinguished sophists, Ulpian, Libanius, and Julian.

But these events happened subsequently. On this occasion, Procopius says that Gelimer, prostrating himself on the ground in the hippodrome, before the imperial throne on which Justinian was sitting to witness the proceedings, made application, in his own language, of the divine oracle: In this manner, it was conveyed to Antioch, and attended during its progress by extraordinary prodigies.

He has addressed also a formal discourse to a certain Egyptian, on the subject of his banishment to Oasis, where he treats of these circumstances more fully. Evagrius was a native of Epiphania on the Orontes, and his birth may be fixed about A.

They accordingly summon Nestorius, with an exhortation that he would defend himself against the allegations.

Chosroes, influenced by these persons, advanced his whole army against the city; when suddenly there appeared along the circuit of the walls, in defence of the place, innumerable shields; on seeing which the persons sent by Chosroes returned, describing, with wonder, the number and fashion of the arms. When the person, thus deputed, came and announced the command of the fathers, and Simeon, in pursuance of the injunction, immediately put one foot forward, then he declared him free to fulfil his own course, saying, ‘Be stout, and play the man: JN the next place he records the return of Belisarius to Byzantium, and how he brought thither Vitiges, together with the spoils of Rome; also the seizure of the sovereignty of Rome by Totila, and how the city again fell under the dominion of a Goth ; how Belisarius, having twice entered Italy, again recovered the city, and how, on the breaking out of the Median war, he was recalled to Byzantium by the emperor.


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Evagrius Scholasticus

Neither conceded to the other: Eusebius’s Life of Constantine, Orations, etc. After these proceedings the second schoolasticus of Ephesus was dissolved.

For after Chosroes had made many assaults on the city, had raised a mound of sufficient size to evsgrius the walls of the town, and had devised innumerable expedients beside, he raised the siege and retreated.

After Theodoric, as I have already detailed, had captured Rome and utterly destroyed its king Odoacer, and had closed his life in possession of the Roman sovereignty, his wife Amalasuntha held the reins of government, as guardian of their common son Athalaric; a woman rather of a masculine temperament, and administering affairs accordingly.

From these the empress also, when attending at the festivals, witnesses the ceremony of the sacred mysteries. At a subsequent period, when Eudocia was pursuing a journey to the holy city of Christ our God, she also visits this place; and concluded an address to our people with the following verse, ‘Tis from your blood I proudly trace my line: They, moreover, cast off the ordinary food of mankind, and feed upon the produce of the ground, whence they are termed Grazers; allowing themselves no more than is barely sufficient to sustain life.

He stripped of their entire property innumerable wealthy persons, under colour of the emptiest pretexts. Scholasticuw, however, they were at no great distance, the scouts, proceeding in advance, announced to Cabaones all that had been done by the Vandals and themselves to the temples of the Christians, and that the enemy were now near.

Evagrius Scholasticus – Wikipedia

Among these were considerable treasures obtained by Genseric from the plunder of the palace at Rome, as I have already narrated; sdholasticus Eudoxia, the wife of Valentinian, emperor of the West, having been both deprived of her husband and subjected to an outrage on her evagriuus by Maximus, invited Genseric, with a promise of surrendering the city to him: But when this was refused, at the suggestion of Proclus, who advised Justinian as his quaestor, they conceived a still greater hatred against the Romans.

Dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our people she treated with the warmest kindness, and others too with great munificence. Zoilus succeeded to that of Alexandria, and Epiphanius to that of the imperial city: They deposited his body in the tomb appropriated to strangers: In so great a measure had the power of divine grace taken possession of him, that, when Theodosius had issued a mandate, that the synagogues of which they had been previously deprived by the Christians, should be restored to the Jews of Antioch, he evagriys to scholasticsu emperor with so much freedom and vehement rebuke, as standing in awe of none evzgrius his own immediate sovereign, that Theodosius re-called his commands, and in every respect favoured the Egagrius, even superseding the prefect who had suggested the measure.


This circumstance foreshewed the preservation which was granted to the Apameans. THE same Procopius has also written the following account. Read me then, 15 word for word, some passages of thy epistle, addressed to the governor of the Thebaid: I NOW proceed to relate what occurred in Italy; events which have also been treated very distinctly by Procopius, the Rhetorician, down to his own times.

The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus : Michael Whitby :

These Justinian, in honour of Christ our God, sent back to Jerusalem; an act of becoming reverence to the Deity, to whom they had in the first instance been dedicated. He, by means both of abstinence and use of food, having attained to such a union with God as not only to discern forthcoming events, but also scholasgicus possess the grace of perfect freedom from passion, was in company with a distinguished person from Caesarea, the capital of one of the Palestines.

Evagrius also published a collection of his memorials and miscellaneous compositions, which may now be regarded as x lost Book VI.

For on their desiring commerce with women, they were deprived evagdius their speech, since the grace of their martyrdom had abandoned them. When he too had gone the way of all mankind, Flavian succeeds to the see. At scholasticue suggestion, Theodosius considerably enlarges the bounds of the city, by extending the circuit of the wall as far as the gate which leads to the suburb of Daphne: When the besiegers saw the mound approaching the walls like a moving mountain, and the enemy in expectation of stepping into the town at day-break, they devised to run a mine under the mound–which the Latins term “aggestus”–and by that means apply fire, so that the combustion of the timber might cause the downfall of the mound.

Justinian assaults him, like some impregnable tower, with every kind of device, considering that if he could only succeed in shaking this bulwark, all difficulty would be removed in capturing the city, enslaving the right doctrine, and taking captive the sheep of Christ. Neither words nor time would suffice for a minute detail of these transactions.

Upon Zosimas asking him the reason, he told him what had happened, interrupting his account with frequent wailings and tears.