Entre las cenizas: historias de vida en tiempos de muerte. Front Cover. Marcela Turati, Daniela Rea Gómez. sur+ ediciones, – Disappeared persons – The Nieman Fellows at Harvard University have selected Marcela Turati of the “Entre las Cenizas: historias de vida en tiempo de muerte,” (“Amid the Ashes. Marcela Turati y Daniela Rea – “Entre las cenizas. Historias de vida en tiempos de muerte” (). Un libro de crónicas que busca saldar una de las deudas del .

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Efforts to resist were insipid. What do you think is the biggest hidden or ignored problem in the media right now? While he was curator of the Nieman Foundation, he broke new ground by diversifying the class of fellows narcela include women, minorities, and international fellows. What didn’t you find?

Lyons Award in honor of the Nieman Foundation curator who retired that year after leading the institution for a quarter of a century. It should not be forgotten that our work begins in the street, gathering information from people. This was also like oxygen for us. She co-founded Periodistas de a Pie Journalists on Footan outfit dedicated to training journalists to improve the quality of their journalism and to defend freedom of expression.

Ms Turati works for Procesoa leading news weekly in Mexico.

Lyons Award for Conscience and Integrity in Journalism. How did you become interested in investigative journalism? The Press Union of Noruega gave us financing that we were able to use for the trips and to pay each one for the texts, and the photographers as well. Turati marceela recently with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas about the challenges ,as came with putting together the book and seeking, as a group, for a new lens from which to cover violence in Mexico.

In your previous book Fuego Cruzado “Crossfire” in Spanish you took on as an individual author the topic of the human price of the last six years of conflict. Turati has long sought to give voice to those who lack political power and access to the media. Readers Pay for Our Investigative Journalism. We don’t exactly tell people, do something like them, but we do offer 10 stories in which, despite the threats and the horror, people did something to change history and is putting up a fight.


Louis Lyons Award for Conscience and Integrity in Journalism | Marcela Turati

Download Entre las Cenizas for free here. Like a little script with things we had to pay attention to, cenizae train our eyes and focus them on the right place. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter “Journalism in the Americas”. Thinking about this question we began to search for examples of the people who are already doing something. Entre las Cenizas will have limited printing but can ehtre downloaded in Spanish for free from the book’s websitewhere the organization has also posted 10 videos that go along with each story.

However, I do not think that we have to only recharge ourselves with data, technology and computers. We’re also interested in having the journalists that read us to tell us if they would like to do something like this.

But we had to limit ourselves to turagi about what we saw without exalting or taking credit away. Each one of us had a job and it turned out well. There were reporters who were very tugati love with one experience and we ran the risk of doing propaganda, that’s why we also asked to see the challenges as well, the difficulties of organizing with others. For me it was a pending macela to experiment and see if you could do this that we sometimes call journalism of hope, journalism that seeks changes, journalism of possibilities, or what some call journalism of peace and others preventive journalism.

I told myself, ‘let’s try, let’s do this and see what comes out. Because the violence hasn’t stopped and it’s getting worse. InMs Turati was awarded the Walter Ejtre German Journalism prize for a story about Mexican families searching for their vanished loved ones.

Ms Turati is the author of several books. The winner is chosen each year by the members of the Nieman class. But we made it.


Marcela Turati: Expose the Hidden Interests of Big Media Companies

From the beginning we said we wanted to find experiences of people who had organized to demand ceniza for their dead, their missing relatives, or to defend their territory from drug traffickers, or that help others who have it very tough, like in the case of migrants. I would ask if there is a future for specialized investigative journalism now that everything seems to be against it.

Mexico has become one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists, with more than four dozen killed or gone missing in the past six years. Historias de Vida en Tiempos de Muerte. And being able to produce 10 texts that we all liked, good in quality and that none of them came short on the narrative side, that was very complicated. You have to understand the process of violence and measure the pulse of the citizenry. Why didn’t you look at this? Lyons marcel a forceful advocate for freedom of the press.

Lessons from Spanish-language media Memetic Media innovates in design and distribution and focuses on digital journalism for lae audiences in Paraguay.

We didn’t want to give the impression that it was all simple. We wanted people not feel repulsion and have the desire to read and learn about what has happened. Other prizes included the Louis M. Those of us who participated in the book sought to make visible the people who get organized, but sometimes it’s difficult to find them. As the war against the narcotraffickers intensified, the organization refocused to support journalists covering the conflict and to defend freedom of speech.