The revised Enchiridion Indulgentiarum (‘Raccolta’) is a delight. It is a The Enchiridion deals, as did its predecessors, with indulgences for all the faithful. Translated into English from the fourth edition () of Enchiridion . Enchiridion indulgentiarum: Normae et concessiones (Enchiridion of Indulgences . ENCHIRIDION OF INDULGENCES. Visit to a Cemetery (Coemeterii visitatio) An indulgence, applicable only to the Souls in Purgatory, is granted to the.

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The descriptions of the works and details regarding obtaining the indulgence will be edited and abreviated in this listing. Enchirdion your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

What Are the Church’s Current Rules on Indulgences? – Canon Law Made EasyCanon Law Made Easy

Education Learn the Catholic way. In all but the plenary indulgence of In Articulo Mortis, at the moment of death, a plenary indulgence mentioned below MUST be accompanied by the three prerequisites of a plenary indulgence.

The California Network Inspiring streaming service. Each of these is clearly set off in special type, simply and succinctly explained, and supported by scriptural and conciliar texts.

It is a masterpiece of renewal in the Spirit.

This edition entitled ” Enchiridion Indulgentiarum-Normae et Concessiones ” is a remarkable fulfillment of the Holy Father’s injunction. The Enchiridion recites each indulgenced prayer in full. This entry was posted in Other Canonical Questions and tagged canon lawCatholicindulgencepapal blessing.

What Are the Church’s Current Rules on Indulgences?

We ask you, humbly, to help. Four of the seventy are singled out for special mention. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This is a nechiridion of the works and prayers listed in the Enchiridion of Indulgences.


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It’s a little awkward to ask, but we need your help. The following is not represented to be an exact reprint of the Enchiridion but an accurate digest of what constitutes an approved indulgenced work by the Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary.

Joseph, the Saints; for the Souls in Purgatory; for the catechetical indhlgences for mental prayer; for prayers for Church unity; for the Sign of the Cross; for prayers to the Holy Spirit; for the acts of faith, hope, love and contrition; for the Miserere ; for a spiritual communion; for a monthly day enchiridlon recollection; for prayers for the Holy Father; for various episcopal and parochial acts; for prayers for vocations.

It goes without saying that we Catholics of more recent centuries have thereby a decided advantage over those who were required to perform much more strenuous penances, to obtain the very same result, in ages past!

Apostolic Penitentiary

The text of canon in the Enchiricion of Canon Law is virtually identical. The second category of concessions lists seventy devotional and penitential prayers and practices. And this is literally true. Note that several English translations are posted online on various Catholic websites, but they are previous, outdated editions and are thus incomplete.

Proudly powered by WordPress. Information Learn about Catholic world. Canon Law Made Easy. Most Popular The End of the Year: Rosaries, Crosses, Prayer Cards and more Pope Paul’s Apostolic Constitution Indulgentiarum Doctrina of January 1,among its concluding norms had enjoined that the redaction of the Enchiridion would keep only the indulyences devotional prayers and practices the Mass and Sacraments are of course not indulgenced that are still relevant to our day and which, besides encouraging a penitential spirit, would particularly foster the fervour of charity.


A partial indulgence is granted to that individual among the faithful who, in a spirit of penance, freely abstains from something licit and pleasing to himself. So what prayers and works are indulgenced?

The first letter of the first Latin word of the prayer or pious practice determines its place. Regarding partial indulgences, with the abolishment of the former determination of days and years, a new norm or measurement has been established which takes into consideration the action itself of the faithful Christian who performs a work to which an indulgence is attached 5. True, Jones has forgiven him, but Jeff is still responsible for repairing the damage he did. The Pope indicated that it is preferable to concentrate on the spiritual significance of the indulgenced work itself, rather than focusing on numerical calculations: Even this listing is simple, “democratic”, and “non-scientific”.

Enhciridion once we might have been obliged to sit in sackcloth and ashes in a public place for X number of days, as a way of doing penance for sins we had committed, an indulgence enables us to do the equivalent amount of penance by saying certain prayers or doing other works instead. Catholic Online on Pinterest Catholic ideas style inspiration.

Enchiridio the broken window still needs to be fixed.