Rotacione masine DALOO. detaljnije. Kao i polovne masine za sve vrste pouzavanja, elektricne i mehanicke zastite sa GAUDER-ovog lagera. detaljnije. 5 нов. Rotacione električne mašine – Deo 1: Naznačene karakteristike i pogonske karakteristike – (Identičan sa IEC uključujući. Rotacione električne mašine – Deo Vrednosti podnosivih udarnih napona rotacionih naizmeničnih mašina sa profilisanim statorskim.

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Skip to main content. Suitable for all light-duty brushing tasks.

The wires or filaments spread out fill expands. Minimum recommended drive output.

Rotacione četke na osovinici | TEHNOALAT D.O.O.

Please state the required wire dia. Steel wire, performance line SG.

Delivery with plastic-covered brush bodies. All stainless steel INOX brushes are degreased. Brass wire, performance line SG.

Plastic SiCperformance line SG. Extra long version for use in hard-to. Pointed conical shape for highly fo. Mounted Pencil Brushes, Encapsulated. Suitable for medium-heavy brushing work. The brushes are used face side.


The brush should be used face down to.

NEW MIKONI engineering DOO – HOME

The steel fill is encapsulated in plastic for. Please refer to page 16 for detailed informa. Minimum recommended power watts. Mounted Pencil Brushes, with Limiting Rings. Suitable for light brushing and ideal for.

The removable plastic rings provide conven. Recommended drive power watts. Steel wire, special line SGP. Mounted Pencil Brushes, Knotted Type. Particularly masinf single-knot brush for.

SRPS IEC 60034-11-2:1997

Developed for work on. The knot design is twisted against the brush. This prevents the brush. Please state required wire dia. Suitable for medium-light brushing and ideal.

SRPS EN 60034-15:2010

Use adjustable RPM motors if possible for. All Rltacione brushes are degreased. Suitable for universal cleaning, rust removal. Continued on next page.

Continued from last page. Mounted Wheel Brushes, Knotted Type. For brushing in hard-to-reach grooves and re. Also suitable for cleaning, rust removal. The knotted type wire is more aggressive than. Mounted Wheel Brushes, Encapsulated. For medium-duty localized brushing. The wires are encapsulated in plastic Hard. Universally suitable for cleaning, rust removal.


To be used face down with the entire brush. From rough stock removal.

Please refer to catalogue for detailed.