A fine memoir by one of America’s foremost evolutionary biologists. E. O. Wilson defines biophilia as ‘the innate tendency [in human beings] to focus on life and. The term was later used by American biologist Edward O. Wilson in his work Biophilia (), which proposed that the tendency of humans to. Join in on the adventure! Become a member for special invites to events throughout the year! ​. Plus Receive discounts on. -Summer Day Camps. -5K Trail Run.

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We do not even know why we respond a certain way to other organisms, and need them in diverse ways, so deeply. So, wilsoh digress briefly, his best books by decade according to the reviewer, who has only read one of them Pres: What would he think now, thirty years on?

Harvard University Press- Science – pages. I am not trained as a philosopher or historian of science, but I am a academic biologists and a “concerned citizen” when it comes to ideas. L’autore con questo termine definisce “la tendenza innata a biphilia il propio interesse sulla vita e sui processi”.

Feb 07, Chloe Stam rated it it was ok Shelves: So much of Biophilia is so fundamental to my life and belief system that it’s a little difficult to read. Other editions – View all Biophilia Edward O. When I first read Biophilia init affected me deeply. I think everyone should read this book.

There are some deep thoughts in the book and some good arguments made for the biodiversity conservation in nature by humans. Kellert and Edward O. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. His nonsense books, mo ….


Biophilia Center

This page was last edited on k Decemberat Return to Book Page. Wilson doesn’t protest outright but merely gives you the information you need to make the decision yourself. Biourbanism for a Healthy City. Jul 29, Stuart Champion rated it it was amazing. In Bioarchitettura, 59 Ottobrepp. The biophilia hypothesis also called BET suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Similarly, the hypothesis helps explain why ordinary people care for and sometimes risk their lives to save domestic and wild animals, and keep plants and flowers in and around their homes.

These responses are the result of evolution in a world in which humans were constantly vulnerable to predators, poisonous plants and animals, and natural phenomena such as thunder and lightning. Mar 12, Carly rated it it was amazing Recommended to Carly by: He was edawrd the foremost proponent of sociobiology, the study of the genetic basis of the social behaviour of all animals, including humans.

Not in the same league as an author, especially with field biology as Heinrich. Environmental conservation Environmental psychology Evolutionary psychology Hypotheses Biological hypotheses Biophilia hypothesis.

In its most literal sense, this separation was made possible by the construction of enclosed and relatively sterile spaces, from homes to workplaces to cars, in which modern humans were sheltered from the elements of nature and in which many, particularly people living in more-developed countries, now spend the majority of their time.

Diving into the term philiaor friendship, Aristotle evokes the idea of reciprocity and how friendships are beneficial to both parties in more than just one way, but especially in the way of happiness.


Wilson would likely see today’s dominant anti-science culture as just a phase in an infinitely long history that will eventually swing the other way, but it is A very thoughtful and ultimately hopeful book that left me feeling somewhat heartbroken.

He addresses the question of species I will be so bold as to define biophilia as the innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike processes.

Biophilia hypothesis

To ask other readers questions about Biophiliaplease sign up. I really do love Wilson. Biophilia, is a compelling book about our natural human relationship to the world that surrounds us. The first chapters were so strong that I expected to be ver If you like biological philosophy books, then this book is for you! The essays “The Superorganism” about leaf cutter ants in the Amazon and their physical and social behaviors is also noteworthy as is the chapter “The Serpent” which examines mankind’s and our close cousins powerful and fraught relationship with snakes.

One is about science and art, another is about snakes, there are some ants of course, genes, why humans like savannas, the scientific beginnings of biogeography.