In Justice for Hedgehogs (JH), Ronald Dworkin has written a truly remarkable philosophical work. It advances a bold treatment of all the. Baedeker — Independence. Truth in morals — External skepticism — Morals and causes — Internal skepticism — Interpretation. Moral responsibility — Interpretation . One of the greatest legal and moral philosophers of the postwar era, Ronald Dworkin argues in his new book, Justice for Hedgehogs, that there.

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Dworkin writes a very wide-ranging book on philosophy and ethics. Then there is public morality, the duties to others in the collective enterprise we call society.

Book review: Justice for Hedgehogs by Ronald Dworkin

Living well is thus not the same as a successful life, and can involve choices that jeopardize success. This view fails to understand that liberty and equality are ‘interpretive’, not ‘criterial’ concepts; they do not possess fixed meanings and criteria prior to fo act of interpretation.

By living life with ideals and in the search for truth, Dworkin concludes. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. Isn’t it obvious that the values of honesty and kindness conflict in such a case? Yet at the same time, my dignity grounds the recognition that the lives of others and their self-respect possess equal and objective importance, so that they ought not be a matter of indifference to me.

The consequence of these acts may be equally deleterious. Ehdgehogs odd result is that Dworkin’s conception of interpretation may have wider scope than he imagines, covering scientific judgment and its framework of epistemic values.

Ronald Dworkin: ‘We have a responsibility to live well’

Go elsewhere for Dworkin’s political theory proper. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic.


Justice in Social and Political Philosophy categorize this paper. This is itself a moral conviction fraught with ethical significance. Fr problems lead to Dworkin’s account of ‘interpretation. It has a Kantian basis for Dworkin which involves expanding to others the realization of one’s own dignity and right to choose one’s form of life. And, Dworkin’s discussion of the distinction between paternalistic and probalistic laws is an interesting engagement of the idea of liberty.

The appeal to ethical independence allows Dworkin to identify and justify familiar hedgehovs rights — freedom of speech, artistic freedom, freedom of association, sexual liberty, etc.

Book review: Justice for Hedgehogs by Ronald Dworkin | New Humanist

Living well is a central exercise of one’s ethical responsibility, just as living less well or badly in order to obtain a good life is a failure of one’s ethical responsibility. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This is a challenging and sometimes technical book for the general reader such as I am. Jan 12, Hiromichi Chiba rated it really liked it. bedgehogs

The Galilean revolution bedgehogs made the theological world of value safe for science. But is there any general interpretation of the concept of truth and its value across different domains of inquiry? While it is possible, often a director of the play seeks to dwofkin the interpretation which will work best for a specific time, place, and audience.

I hate it when people say: Thus, recognizable moral virtues are required by living well, but these virtues or their opposite — moral vices — are important bases of appraisal-respect. The book takes a strong stance against scientism and its particular reductivism.

Justice for Hedgehogs — Ronald Dworkin | Harvard University Press

Truth in morals — External skepticism — Morals and causes — Internal skepticism — Interpretation. And yet, when Dworkin — a Rhode Island-born graduate of Harvard and Oxford, one-time New York clerk to the marvellously named Judge Learned Hand — started teaching at US law schools juztice the s, he found lots of people who would say such things.


The methods of science too undermined convictions that there are objective values.

A position on abortion, affirmative action, or any other issue can only really be explained or clarified to someone who doesn’t share it if you have the time and ability to say more about how you came to that position and they have the patience to listen. An agent tries to create a kind way of being honest, and an honest way of being kind — perhaps supported by the sense that dishonest kindness is patronizing, or a false kindness, and unkind honesty is demeaning or insulting.

R onald Dworkin is wondering about what his friend Alfred Brendel does when he plays the piano.

The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one great thing. Dworkin calls this ethics, the challenge of leading a critically good life. Criterial concepts are ones whose meaning is governed by defining dworkun — properties that provide a decisive test for determining whether or not something is an instance of the concept, e.

Most users should sign in with their email address. Living well is the ethical responsibility of the person whose life is at stake. I’m talking about dignity.