Cunning’s third Sinners on Tour erotic ménage romance about heavy metal musicians (after Rock Hard) turns to bisexual guitarist Trey Mills. Read Double Time (Sinners on Tour #5) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Double Time is a Romance novel by Olivia Cunning. Get this from a library! Double time: Sinners on tour. [Olivia Cunning] — Rock Hard hooks you with heat and reels you in with heart.?Cheryl.

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I fell completely in love with Dare Mills this man is Yum-to-the-um and needs his own book A. She goes from a barista to a member of a superstar band all within a day. I loved seeing him with Trey. You know what time it is.

Double Time : Olivia Cunning :

Well even though Trey will always love Brian we finally get to see Trey find a love all his own, and holy crap does he find love!

Major queen of the green eyed monster – could NOT feel comfortable with the situation.

You don’t read them for an emotionally soul searching journey. I could not relate at all.

It just means that you’d be happy with either one. I do sinjers that one cunnlng can be enough for another if that person is the right person for them. It’s the joking, the deeper relationships between each of the men and their partners, the bonds they have all have as a group of musicians keep me reading. If you fit any of the criteria a listed above, then awesome. Same thing goes for Trey and Brian relationship. Brian handled the conversation horribly and my heart broke for Trey. If it had been me in Reagan’s position, I certainly wouldn’t have been as chilled as she was In walks Ethan, Reagan’s ex-boyfriend, but also her roommate and best friend.


They hire her on the spot and request she comes and plays a few songs with them to make sure she fits. But Ethan is still in love with her.

Double Time

This one had it all When I have a second look at the blurb it is more bitter sweet then super nice. Yes it pushed my boundaries when Ethan and Trey first got together. The only thing I can say I liked about her, was they she didn’t want to sell out and change her appearance for the band, she still remained true to herself.

I will update links as they become available 1. However, my opinion of Ethan changed when the three of them get together for the first time. I think I love him already. But we’ve seen it before and rour better already in book 1 of this series. Even though she is an kn talented guitar player, being a woman in an all male band, she feels like she dougle a lot to prove and is determined to keep up with the boys.


Personally, I thought this book was dobule The day Trey meets Reagan is the day he decides that he will be with women only.

He stole every scene he was in and I was completely charmed by him.

Staring Trey, Reagan and her roommate Ethan! So, in this one we have Trey, the bisexual awesome drummer of the band, and Reagan, a guitarist that will be touring with Trey’s brother’s band and his because they are the opening act.

Double Time : Sinners on Tour

I serious think Olivia should direct Porn! I even love you for being a sexy man luuuuver. I have loved and wondered about Trey since the freaking series started with Brian’s book.

Maybe I’m over the Sinners now. She’s been known to travel over a thousand miles just to see a favorite band in concert.