April 24, Filetype: PDF | views. system_update_alt Download. I tried out the Dilbert-code of ‘s_m’ and was pleased to find that it If fileType is NOT ‘GIF’ (say JPEG or PNG), ## 1) write this picDATA to a. Click to download Sit, Dogbert icon from Dilbert Iconset by Bo. Iconset: Dilbert Icons (21 icons) License: Free for non-commercial Filetype sit icon ยท ICOICNS.

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The website is between the ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘ characters. I pushed a piece of 1.

In that case, you may see an error message popup in a window. Pop a message to fietype user that the network connection may be an issue. We provide another parameter to allow for returning names like ‘March’ or ‘Mar’ or ‘mar’. The date precedes year And not just Dilbert. VARwidth works for a fixed-width font used for the text widget Fildtype The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

The ‘Retrieve’ button causes a series of Tcl ‘http’ commands to be issued, commands such as.

If you want fiketype make the window un-resizable, you can use the following statement. To be used when an ‘http:: Report help or error conditions to the user.

This structure makes it easy for me to find code sections while generating and testing a Tk script, and when looking for code snippets to include in other scripts code re-use. We use this double-check rather than adding code to determine if yyyy-mm-dd is a Sunday and then use ‘s.


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To help catch cases where the user has not established a network connection yet, we use a catch’ statement like: Cartoons fetchable like this via directories bizarrocomics.

Note that to run this code, you will need the ‘http’ package with your Tcl-Tk installation.

The ‘DIRtemp’ variable is set here. Feel free to experiment with those ‘appearance’ parameters as well. A particular comic at a site is selected by a date or some other type of ‘index’where the date or other index is user-selected via widgets on the GUI.

Some additional comics may be added. Also by Scott Adams. Note that 7 years are available via this technique: A ‘listbox’ on the GUI offers a list of comic sites from which to choose. Building the model Colors and multiple printed pieces Following are the colors that I filettype and notes if pieces are to be printed multiple times.

Sit Dogbert Icon

Speed Bump comics to plus at ‘www. This technique may need to be changed if the site comic archive changes. See the ‘insert’ code lines that insert lines into the listbox.

Bizarro comics jan-plus at ‘bizarrocomics. Procs like the following are called by the ‘Retrieve’ proc, depending on which comic-strip-site URL was selected from the listbox widget.

They come in handy for large comic images like the following. We use the string between ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘ example: Before ‘ fileype is a name of the comic and after ‘ ‘ are comments. The date is older than Then the user can use their desktop system such as Gnome or KDE to set up the Tk script as an icon on the desktop.


Dilbert, from the comic strip ‘Dilbert’ by Scott Adams. I suggest attaching the completed tie to the rest of the model as the last step. Fi,etype an image file to directory DIRtemp using image data from the Tk ‘photo’ image ‘structure’ with the ‘handle’ imageID.

I have many more scripts in various states of development in the other categories of ‘done and to-do’ projects on my ‘bio’ page. In using this utility, I may discover error conditions that I did not encounter in testing. I think that I have used a pretty nice choice of the ‘pack’ parameters.

tkGetComics – to get ‘old’ comics from comic archive web-sites

Need rilbert look into this further. The date is older than September. Additonal Comics Some additional comics may be added. Oct 22, Pages Buy. Note also the scrollbars on the ‘canvas’ widget. The completed model is mm tall after assembly. But I may return to this ‘get-comics’ Tk script to provide some enhancements, such as: Cleanup on aisle 4.