In the shadows of civilization, the offspring of the forbidden union between humans and vampires struggle to find their place in a hostile world. These scions of. RPG Item: Dhampir: Scions of the Night» Forums» House Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. There are no messages in this forum. Hot on Amazon. Relations: As dhampirs are scions of evil, few races view them favorably. They share . Many denizens of the night are particularly vulnerable to the sun’s brutal .

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Tall and slender and with well-defined musculature, dhampirs look or statuesque humans of unearthly beauty. Extras Shop the Open Gaming Store! Home of tutorials, advice, and downloads for new DM’s. You can perform Blood Drain, a special combat stunt, for 4 SP.

All are marked by one or more signs of a vampire: A dhampir female dhampiresa in is the child hybrid resulting from the rare and unnatural union of one human and one vampire parent; nigbt are half-breeds, not vampires themselves.

The life of an adventurer comes naturally to most dhampirs, since constant persecution condemns many to spend their days wandering.

Dhampirs who can trace their heritage to moroi are known as svetochers, and they inherit much of the unnatural charm and beauty exhibited by their vampiric forebears. They share an affinity for those half-breeds whose sinister ancestry also sets them apart from human society, particularly tieflings and half-orcs.

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Sell in the Open Gaming Store! Ru-shis are often mathematically or linguistically gifted, though some cast aside such natural gifts, bitter and scornful as they are of anything that might remind them of their monstrous forebears. Suffice to say, most are rather unpleasant…. If your race or ethnicity changes at sciond later point perhaps as a result of polymorph magic or a reincarnation spellthe benefits gained by your race trait persist—only if your mind and memories change as well do you lose the benefits of a race trait.

Dhampir – d20PFSRD

A character can have multiple sunlight syndrome points, the penalties of which stack. Almost universally, those inclined toward magic pursue the field of necromancythough dhampir alchemists have been known to obsess over transforming their own bodies.


Append content without dhammpir the whole page source. By Thilo Graf This pdf from Raging Swan Press is 34 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page blank inside of the front cover, 2 pages editorial and ToC, 1 page advice on how to read statblocks for novice Thf, 1 page advertisement and 1 page back cover, leaving 27 pages of content for the new Dhampir playable race.

Eventually, a dhampir must learn to cope with these difficulties in order to find his place in the world. Create account or Sign in. Posted by Paco G. If so, that does add another benefit to their already quite extensive list.

This was taken into account during the design of this race and the players should feel free to mix and match benefits between dhampirs and humans. Dhampirs keep few, if any, close companions. As dhampirs are scions of evil, few races view scoons favorably. This ability to dhzmpir to a verity of circumstances provides dhampirs with a social camouflage that hides them from both predators and prey. Dhampirs descended from the Vampire King are rare in the extreme. Some are fortunate enough to be born to nobility and are kept as a dark family secret.

Roll 2d6 and add the dice together.

Presented here are alternative dhampirs descended from specific breeds of vampires. Moroi rarely care for their half-breed progeny any more than the nobles forced to bear them, but those who do feel a sense of possession over misbegotten children might seek them out in the village they were abandoned in.

Anytime the character gains the dazzled condition as a result of bright light, he must attempt an immediate DC 30 Fortitude saving throw. The penalties imposed by sunlight syndrome points apply to this saving throw. Also called a ru-shi, a jiang-shi-born is usually the result of some foul ritual or a magically possessed father rather than direct congress between a human and jiang-shi. While sions speculate hte dhampirs result when mortal women couple with vampiresothers claim that they form when a pregnant woman suffers a vampire bite.

Incredibly beautiful but strikingly grim shades that straddle the line between humanity and vampirekind, sacred ancestry dhampirs are often single-minded loners intent on a specific goal. Escape ArtistUse Magic Device. See this Paizo post for details.

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A dhampir takes no penalties from energy draining effects, though he can still be killed if he accrues more negative levels then he has Hit Dice. Dhampir have ultraviolet vision. The union that results in an ancient-born is too horrific for most to imagine.

Although not driven to consume blood for survival sciosn their undead progenitors are, dhampirs nonetheless know a lifelong desire for blood that nothing else can truly sate. Edit History Tags Source.

Child of Night: Dhampirs for Fantasy AGE

Ajibachanas understand how avaricious vetalas and mortals can be, and thus many of the wiser ones become ascetics, preferring knowledge over gold and ever fearful of becoming as covetous as their ancestors.

World Builder Blog Just a man and his homebrew worlds. While many dhampirs can pass as humans in ideal conditions, their features are inevitably more pronounced and they move with an unnaturally fluid grace.

Unable to change bodies like vetalas, ajibachanas lack The variation of their vampire parents, but many excel at dance or contortion, turning their lithe forms into works of art, and possibly earning money through performance. A player may choose one of the following heritages for her dhampir in place of the traditional dhampir racial features which are assumed to be born from less pure or mixed heritages.

Other humanoid races, such as dwarveselves, and halflingssimply shun them. Those who struggle against their wicked natures rarely progress beyond a neutral outlook. Similarly, dhampirs bear a deep-seeded loathing for living creatures, their hatred planted by jealousy and fed by frustration.

Dhampir: Scions of the Night | House Rules | Forum | BoardGameGeek

If the shampir gains a sunlight syndrome point, he takes no immediate ill effects, but he takes a —2 penalty on saving throws against sunlight syndrome for as long as he has 1 or more sunlight syndrome points. Dhampirs constantly can detect undead as the spell within 30′.

Medium ‘ tall Intelligence.: Non-living enemies, such as golems or walking dead, ignore this bonus.