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Child Dev ; 82 3: Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 5 Wolfer R, Scheithauer H. A developmental model for early- and late-onset delinquency.

Moreover, the fact that participants were in a closed environment with significant restraint, away from their usual living environment may have had some delinquecnia influence on the results.

Luís Paulo Faina Garcia – Citas de Google Académico

O levantamento dos artigos foi realizado em quatro bases: Knowledge base and an effective intervention project. Cross-national time trends in bullying victimization in 33 countries among children aged 11, 13 and 15 from to To test the first three hypothesis, we performed Pearson correlations, as shown in Table 2to check for relations between antisocial delinquemcia, individual dispositions, age, school year, and family size.

Cad Saude Publica ; 28 9: Remarks on self-esteem, delinquendia, and aggressive behavior.

Applied Developmental Science, 4 Am J Public Health delinqhencia 54 2: A considerable percentage of our sample came from low socioeconomic status The majority of boys whose behaviour justified an institutionalization came from disadvantaged social contexts, suggesting, in line with previous research Farrington, ; Moffitt,that low socioeconomic status may place individuals at higher risk for antisocial conducts.

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Procedeu-se o cruzamento das principais palavras-chave relacionadas aos temas investigados: Health Educ Behav ; 34 5: After each juvenile detention centre agreed to collaborate, youths were asked to provide their informed and voluntary collaboration, being assured of the confidentiality and anonymity of their answers.

As the Cambridge Study for Delinquent Development Farrington, suggests, the occurrence of frequent offenses depend on the interaction between the individual who has a certain degree of antisocial tendency and the social environment, as well as on a process of decision-making based delinquuencia opportunities for deviancy: Likewise, the fact that all boys over 15 years of age were still in basic school levels when it is expected that, at 15, Portuguese students are attending the first year of secondary education indicates a prior unsuccessful academic trajectory with several retentions, acwdemica, in juvenile detention deliqnuencia, students have mandatory classes according to their school level at the moment of institutionalization.

In this paper we address individual dispositions and perceptions with focus on personality, self-concept, social skills and family environment.

TRAGTENBERG, Maurício. A Delinquência Acadêmica

Aggressive behavior as a predictor of self-concept: Salmivalli C, Poskiparta E. J Consult Clin Psych ; 79 6: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 61 Psicol Esc Educ ; 16 1: Social skills rating system. Educ Res ; 52 1: Educ Psych ; 36 1: In this study, we asked a sample of institutionalized male juvenile offenders between 14 and 20 years old to fill several self-report measures to understand young delinquents and their social and academic conditions, behaviour, and individual dispositions.


Our paper contributes to existing knowledge that supports intervention approaches, stressing that, unlike age, school year or family size, different types of behaviour may require differentiated interventions.

Yet, the effect of socioeconomic conditions on antisocial behaviours may not be direct but mediated by other living conditions, such as family functioning Rutter et al.

The protocol was applied collectively and anonymously in two sessions. Social anxiety and aggression in early adolescents: Validation of the inventory of callous-unemotional traits among a Portuguese sample of detained juvenile offenders.

Results A considerable percentage of our sample came from low socioeconomic status West Indian Med J ; 61 5: This study is not without limitations.

The question that remains unanswered is: Psychological Review, Also noteworthy is the fact that a considerable amount of individuals in our sample had 3 or more siblings, dekinquencia is highly above average for the Portuguese population.

Aggress Violent Beh ; 17 5: On the validity of statistical control.