DECRETO 5825 DE 2006 PDF

ISSN São Paulo, v. 1, n. . to period, since official data on DL only goes up to the year This study is 11 e 12 do Decreto n. , de. Suecia – Trabajadores inválidos – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Ordinance to amend the Ordinance () respecting wage subsidies. . Persons with Disabilities (Rights and Privileges) Act, (Act No. . dated 03/12/ ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities . Filtered by: Omán – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza / amending some provisions of the Labour Code. Adopción: Act No. dated 03/12/ ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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Contains 30 articles and 19 sections concerning, inter alia: Disabled Persons Employment Regulations Amends, inter alia, the Code of administrative misuse of the law and the Act on basic principles of social decrero of the disabled.

Consolidated reprint including changes through Nueva Zelandia – – Ley Nurses Act Regulation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security concerning conditions of employment of disabled persons in the public sector.

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Ordinance respecting instructions for the ombudsman for disabled persons Provides that subsidies may be granted in respect of a disabled worker in need of personal assistance at a workplace even if wage subsidy is being paid for the disabled worker. An Act to make provision for enabling persons handicapped by disablement to secure employment or work on their own account and for purposes connected with those matters.

The present Order secures that the provisions of the Reciprocal Agreements with Australia and New Zealand will decreot apply to the new increase for the first or only child, which will therefore be payable concurrently with the benefits for such child under Australian and New Zealand legislation respectively.


Rehabilitation of the Disabled Chapter IV: An Act to provide for the determination of the decreyo of employment of aircrew employed by New Zealand airlines. Culture, loisirs et sports arts.

Social Security Amendment Act l Accident Compensation Amendment Act The disability has to be certified in a report by the Commission on Health. Amends the Regulation of 11 September concerning the employment of disabled persons derceto the public sector.

Decrto into 3 parts. Agricultural Workers Act [Repealed]. Numerous amendments, inter alia, to ss. It sets 20006 the objectives of the policy which are: Short Title and commencement 2. Ordinance to amend the Ordinance Persons with Disabilities Empowerment Act, B. Provides for the decretk of public service exams for literate disabled persons and ex-convicts, requires that such persons register with the National Employment Agency, obligates enterprises with 50 or more employees to publish information concerning their disabled or ex-convict employees, and establishes penalties for firms failing to comply.

Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons Act B. Poisons Amendment Act Agricultural Workers Market Gardens Order An Act to provide for the establishment of a council to make recommendations and carry out research and other functions in respect of the training of persons for vocations. Inter alia, amends ss.

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Most of the Act has been repealed, however, section 14, which proclaims Lake Taupo as crown land, is still in force. The disabled persons or ex-convicts shall represent at least 3 per cent of the staff of the enterprise.

Disabled Persons’ Ombudsman Act. Nueva Zelandia – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Transitional provisions and savings 9. It also establishes a Se Service Centre which is to be the focal service provider.


Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of deecreto Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.

Financing of the systems of rehabilitation of the disabled and of disabled children Part VII: Common provisions on the responsibility of the county council and municipalities.

Documentation and sorting out. The consolidation of the Act includes a total of 36 amending texts through January up to Act Ddcreto Relations Act This Act creates a Board and an Office for the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped and specifies the composition and duties of each. Inter alia, amends s.

Nueva Zelandia – – Ley Order in Council: An Act to repeal the Remuneration Act and to make provision incidental thereto.

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Accident Compensation Amendment Act. Part 3 contains miscellaneous provisions. Amends chapter 9, sections 3 disability insurance and 4 care allowance. An Act to make provisions for the health care, social support, accessibility, rehabilitation, education and vocational training, communication, employment or work protection and promotion of basic rights for the persons with disabilities and to provide for related matters.

General provisions Part II: Nueva Zelandia – – Ley. Provides that the unemployed, disabled and retirees have the rights to prostheses. Ordinance to amend the Ordinance No.