In Victor Bockris’s biography Warhol, there is a chapter titled “The Birth of Andy Warhol: ” This obviously does not refer to Andy. Danto seems to veer toward such a definition of art in an earlier essay on the subject – “The Philosopher as Andy Warhol” included in the inaugural publication of. Meghan McCain enjoying a “spontaneous night in” with Arthur C. Danto. Arthur C . Danto’s new book on Andy Warhol had already become one of the most.

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Was much less interested in the parts near the end all about the Moles and Solanas, but Danto t I have somehow made it through an entire undergrad education without really learning too much about Warhol a few days in Contemporary Art History, tops. Warhol was an early adopter in commenting through his art on this pre Study of Warhol’s art and its meaning.

Danto was born in Photographer Stephen Shore remembers a lunch with Warhol in where the artist “would very discreetly open up a pillbox and take speed. Trivia About Andy Warhol. What did Warhol do to change all the previous answers we knew to these questions? The evident simplicity of Warhol’s art, which often takes the form of mechanical reproduction of familiar objects and images, can, to a first-time viewer of his work, hide the philosophical complexity on which it is based.

Was much less interested in the parts near the end all about the Moles and Solanas, but Danto tops it off with a great final chapter on religion in relation to Warhol.

Andy Warhol by Arthur C. Danto

I love art but am not in love with biographies of artists. Danto is very clear about his sources and what is his opinion or not.


A wonderful summation of the basic philosophy of Warhol.

This is a very short book I love art but am not in love with biographies of artists. It’s a short, engaging read and will leave you wanting to learn more about the man, his times, and most of all, contemporary art from Warhol’s reverberations in the 60s all the waruol up to their obvious outcomes today.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Considering the breadth of Warhol’s work, such narrowness is welcome, but it yields a number of troubling generalizations and omissions. Anddy also expresses that a lot of the content of this book is largely subjective.

Andy Warhol – Arthur C. Danto – Google Books

It’s all there on the surface then; it’s what we can see. Aug 12, Zachary rated it liked it. As he accepts Warhol’s Brillo Boxa priori, as a work of art we are left wondering whether art is simply something created by someone calling themselves dajto artist that is displayed in an warholl gallery.

He offers close readings of individual Warhol works, including their social context and philosophical dimensions, key differences with predecessors such as Marcel Duchamp, and parallels with successors like Jeff Koons.

Smith interview in which he says Sam Rosenberg was his “favorite or most memorable” teacher at Ancy Tech and doesn’t remember being taught by Robert Lepper ; the Benjamin H. Throughout his book Danto uses some of Warhol’s most famous aphorisms to back up his ideas, particularly the often used quote, “If you want to know who Andy Warhol is, just look at my face, or at the surface of my work.

It would be difficult to argue this for the latter period. She was very far gone, right from the beginning.

Jan 19, Giovana added it. At the time that Warhol went Pop there were other artists, including Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, who were using commonplace objects dajto found imagery in their works and Warhol was aware that this was the direction that art was heading. I found the book very helpful. View all 3 comments.


Andy Warhol

The author suggests that anything can be art, but only if an artist intends it to be so. Check out my detailed review over at http: Warhol was as afraid of getting busted as anyone else. Warhol’s superstars didn’t need the Factory to destroy themselves.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Fortunately there are several quite good ‘lives’ of Warhol that I could draw on, since my book is, roughly, chronological, and such writers as Victor Bockris, David Bourdon, and more recently Steven Watson have, collectively, constructed a fair narrative of Andy’s life Aug 26, Tosh rated it really liked it. This was not because the world had suddenly developed an overwhelming appetite for Danto’s Hegelian theories of aesthetics, but because Meghan McCain – the daughter of Senator John McCain who ran against Obama in the last U.

The paintings that were the result of Warhol’s conversion from commercial artist to Pop artist were first exhibited as part of a window display at the Bonwit Teller department store in April A truly good piece if you are interested in learning more about Warhol and his influences, but as well serves as a good introduction to Danto’s own philosophy.