Product Code: CQI Pricing requirements your organization needs to follow to develop a weld management system that provides for continual improvement, . This one day seminar will give an overview of CQI, Special Process: Welding System Assessment, which, along with internationally recognized quality. AIAG CQI Special Process: Welding System Assessment.

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What is the process deviation requirements weldinv your customer? How does the organization document and respond to quality spills, nonconformance, customer concerns? The facility shall ensure that the data entered in the receiving system match the information on the customer’s shipping documents. The Quality Manager or a designee shall authorize the release of reprocessed product.

In subsequent welding system assessments, different parts and welding processes shall be eelding. All material shall be staged in a dedicated and clearly defined area. The job audit is not the only or main focus of the WSA.

These procedures or work weldnig shall include methods of addressing potential emergencies such as power failureequipment start-up, equipment shut-down, product segregation See 2. Verify the Exclusions is applicable and justified How are the processes in. The control of suspect or non-conforming product is required to prevent inadvertent shipment or contamination of other lots.

All welding employees, including backup and temporary employees, shall be trained. These alarms shall be individually tested at the required frequency as listed in the control plan, and after any repair, process change or rebuild. Automotive Industry Action Group makes no claim to any trademark of a third party. An alphanumeric wflding shall be used to avoid confusion with different numeric formats. Number of Needs Immediate Action Findings: Evidence shall exist showing disposition and traceability of affected product.


This person shall be a full-time employee and the position shall be reflected in the organization chart. The discipline of precisely identifying lots and linking all pertinent information to them enhances the ability to do root cause analysis and continual improvement.

Is there a documented start-up and shutdown procedure? The welding organization shall contact the customer when clarification of process changes is required.

Experience in the assessment of welding management systems would be beneficial. Examples of operating parameters as defined by the relevant process tables. Enter the number of Needs Immediate Action findings observed during the assessment. It cannot be reproduced without authorized authority.

Welding System Assessments (CQI-15)

A copy of CQI may be provided upon request, with additional cost billed to the participant. Name of Senior More information. Date of Re-assessment if necessary: The organization shall have a documented preventive maintenance program for process equipment as identified by the Process Tables. Documented fixture set-up weelding.

CyberOptics recognizes the importance.

Jun 12, Ann Arbor, MI. Section 2 – Floor cq-15 Material Handling Responsibility It is critical that all customer requirements and lot identification be adequately transferred to internal welding documents. Type s of Processing at this Facility: Enter N if the company does not weld any components for their own company. Implementing a documented quality.


Assessor shall possess welding knowledge. Oct 02, Ann Arbor, MI. Is set-up practice in compliance with documented work instructions?

If the welder has not welded in the specific operation in a 6 month time frame, the welder must be requalified to that operation. Date of last audit performed: Each process path includes all combinations of equipment that are integrated in the performance of a welding process, e.

CQI | Welding System Assessments

The organization shall show evidence of program effectiveness. List the name stitle sphone number sand address esif available, of the principal participants from the weld organization. Who Should Attend All team members involved in the welding management system would benefit from this seminar. Enter Y if this facility welds components for companies other than their own company. Basic data of the welding organization Audited areas according to the respective CQI process table Contact data auditor, company, participants Results of the CQI audit.

Page 1 of 57 Review performed. The replacement parts and process consumables shall be identified, maintained in the weldiing volumes and proper storage. The program shall be a closedloop process that tracks maintenance efforts from request to completion to assessment of effectiveness.

This should be done preferably on a part identified for one of the customers requiring compliance to this document.