Coswin 7i is the new generation of asset and facilities management software – A COSWIN 7i is designed to meet the needs of different sized organisations. Mythos Brewery, the second largest brewer in Greece and member of the Carlsberg Group chooses Coswin 7i and Siveco Hellas for the. The company PEPSICO-IVI chooses SIVECO HELLAS and COSWIN 7i software to manage business processes of the department Vending.

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Here below the examples for some of the new features:. Siveco Group and authorized partners possess all the necessary skills to implement a Coswin 8i solution voswin the heart of your organisation.

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Pepsico – IVI – Service Management with Coswin 7i

Moreover, Coswin 8i is fully customisable for each user profile vocabulary used, layout of the screens, addition of new fields, definition of links with external applications, contextual browsing. Use of Coswin as a source of information for other applications.

Requests can be organized more accurately and their progress is tracked more accurately. Workflow The purpose of this module is to optimise the validation circuit of the company.

Additionally, the position of buttons and menus have been harmonized, so user can get familiar very fast with Coswin operation. The manipulation of data is easy: CMMS becomes a simple service. As we value strongly the experience of our users, making the system even more user-friendly has been the first objective of this new codwin. Data and screens are adapted according to the zone or the profile of the connected user.


Coswin 8i offers the possibility to manage equipment metrology calibration, measurements, conformity, and history. You also benefit from the cosqin signature function in accordance with 21CFR11, the pharmaceutical industry standard for example.

Some of the key functionality offered by Coswin 7i. The Project module purpose is to prepare, plan and follow-up the realisation of maintenance projects requiring preparation tasks, facilities and tracking of time spent and costs, for example new works, annual shutdowns, construction, etc. Coswin 8i can be used simultaneously from different countries in different languages.

Improved support for specific analysis and management decisions. We are always pleased to receive phone call from our customers and to help them the best we could. Easy integration into your information system Today maintenance processes can no longer be simply delegated to the factory or maintenance department level.

The reports are updated at regular intervals and can be automatically sent by email. At many customers, upgrading to Coswin 8i have been the opportunity clswin have a fresh look at the basics of maintenance engineering and to discuss them freely.

Coswin 8i | Logiciel GMAO : Logiciel de gestion de maintenance – SIVECO

Upgrading to Coswin 8i shows that the management remains committed to give teams a strong tool to manage their maintenance. Comments on status changes have even be added so that both parts can communicate in a very transparent manner. This has also been one of the key concern when designing Coswin 8i. As usual, the software will be immediately available in Chinese and 15 other languages.


The 3 reasons maintenance managers enjoyed upgrading to Coswin 8i

Project The Project module purpose is to prepare, plan and follow-up the realisation of maintenance projects requiring preparation tasks, facilities and tracking of time spent and costs, for example new works, annual shutdowns, construction, etc.

PPE management – Personal Protective Equipment Professional risk management and safety is at the heart of business concerns. Coswin Analyzer allows for the availability of indicators and dashboards without accessing Coswin. Coswln treated directly, for example with a WO. Contextual menu in WO, equipment, items, so the user can right click and access immediately to the relevant history, technical details, etc… directly from the list.

Recognizing that different people have different needs and views, we are preparing similar articles from the perspective ciswin IT managers and top managers. Follow us Twitter LinkeIn Viadeo. This file is generated manually or from external computer applications. The Data Optimisation Interface is an optional module allowing fast modification of the coding in the Coswin database.

Mobile CMMS thanks to Coswin Nom d Using mobile terminals, such as smartphones and tablets, equipped with the Coswin Nom d solution, your warehouse managers and mobile maintenance technicians can operate independently of a 7u connection, then when connectivity is available they can exchange information in real-time with Coswin databases.

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