Le Transport Maritime Sous Connaissement. By MICHEL POURCELET,. Professor of Law at the University of Montreal. [Montreal: Les. Presses de L’ Universite. (X). Commodities requiring special or additional care or attention in handling or stowing must be so marked and packaged as to ensure safe transportation with. Connaissement transport maritime pdf merge. Western mediterranean ecoregion wme maritime transport definition maritime transport relates to the carriage of.

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I can say that the general feeling of our shipowners is that it is desirable to arrive at a uniform international regulation of the question. Maritimw transport de marchandises par mer.

You look at the hill of lading and you see that there is also general merchandise without any figure in front of it, and then the clause says the container with the general merchandise, is to he treated as an other package.

I feel sensible that this meeting is representing European interests. Le transport de marchandises par mer In: Desktop version Mobile version. You can suggest to your library or institution to subscribe to the program OpenEdition Freemium for books.

Therefore, as an inefficient representative of the trade, although not representing America, I would like to emphasise that the whole general cargo trade from America is done on such bills of lading, and I presume that the bankers have some method, and have had for the past thirty years or however long it has been going on, without all these difficulties, of tackling that position. We have from time to time endeavoured to get it altered, but we have given up long ago, because it is so much the constituted custom of New York, for reasons that we shipowners personally know very well – we have tried to beat it down before, but it is absolutely impossible – that all hills of lading must be issued when the goods are received on the wharf for shipment, and one of our great difficulties to-day in dealing with the pilferage question is that we cannot bring our bills of lading down to “shipped” bills of lading, so that we are only responsible for what goes into the ship.


It is a clarification some of you may not think is essential, or at all needed. Now all our credits to-day, except in particular trades, have been opened upon the basis of certain documents. Those doubts within the last three weeks, or the last month or so, have unfortunately been fulfilled.

Feel free to give our address: Your e-mail has be sent. You look at the hill of lading and you see that there is the figure 4 relating to the crates of typewriters. It has been stated by Mr. Article 5 — Each Contracting State shall apply the provisions of this Convention to every bill of lading relating to: In our submission this should be true, but unfortunately the principle that when there is a right of action in contract there cannot be a right of action in tort should be applied in any case, in many circumstances has not been upheld by our Supreme Court.

Ever General, DMF,p. Catalogue Author s Publishers Selections Excerpts. He has simply to ship his goods in accordance with the bills of lading which exist in the conference lines, or otherwise to have his cargo shut out or refused. It is an old-established principle in English law, it is established finally and for all lime until a statute alters it, that where a contract calls for a shipment made in a certain month, that is a matter which goes to the root of the whole contract, as being a description of the goods.

Our good friend from Belgium has indicated that he has existed under this system for 40 years.

Le Transport Maritime Sous Connaissement : Michel Pourcelet :

Article 10 of the Convention is deleted and replaced by the following: Probably, a considerably smaller part of the cargo insurance premium is used to compensate cargo losses. Each of those crates of typewriters is a unit for the purpose of calculating the maximum. Chairman, Gentlemen the purpose maitime this amendement is to clarify what is the value of the hill of lading as evidence.

We are taking steps to try to amend that as best we can, but the great difficulty in our stopping pilferage in New York is that we are obliged by the custom, and I believe law, port regulations, or something, in America to issue bills of lading that we get in this form.


The postal address of the institution is: Chairman, as transpott will recall, the United Kingdom delegation was opposed to the Article, Article 5, as it was originally tabled before the Conference.

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The State of Illinois had already enacted the Model Law in A possible net cost increase must again, by necessity, be limited to a part of this part. It has been submitted that this danger could be avoided by means of clauses in the bills of lading but unfortunately, at least under our law, no such clause would be considered valid because the law of tort, if it is considered applicable would, of course, overcome any contractual provision.

For tramsport, if, through the negligent navigation of the pilot, the ship is run on the rocks and holed, she ceases to be seaworthy.

It is not even a good one that is, it is not universal. On that basis, and on that basis alone, and despite the fact that this will cause us and the Belgian delegation, as well as other delegations, considerable difficulty in having to enact additional legislation rather than simply ratifying the treaty, we are prepared in the interests of ensuring that the British Government can join this Convention, to adopt the compromise in document CONN. We are just explaining very clearly that where we have a contract only the rules of the contract must apply and that the rule of tort cannot apply.

Any net increase must consequently be a very modest percentage of the less than 0. We should therefore be conscious of our responsibility in taking a decision and be aware of the consequences. I have not heard any representatives of the States speak.

There is no longer any reason for this maritime peculiarity. Rein Sweden The second proposal is in regard to the so-called unit limitation. Freight transport has been achieved widely by sea throughout recorded history.