Combat Hapkido Curriculum – Does anyone take this and what type of curriculum is followed. Thanks. Can anyone explain to me the difference between “combat hapkido” and I did a version of it where the combat Hapkido syllabus was the core. I was wondering if anybody had a written copy of Combat Hapkido’s Belt Requirements and any The curriculum has changed over the years.

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The content of each rank can vary from school to school; however, the core curriculum of Combat Hapkido must be taught to each rank before the promotion can be sent to the ICHF Headquarters for certifying.

You shorten our learning curves by so much and I for one am very grateful for that! This response can then be taken to transition into another technique from the Combat Hapkido curriculum.

I watch the videos, give the techniques my own name and a short written description. Over the Top Wrist Lock 5. Anyway, if anyone has questions, fire away and I’ll try to answer them.

SDA Combat Hapkido Curriculum

International Combat Hapkido Federation”. Elbow Lock Throw 6. Defense against 2 Hands Grabbing 2 Wrist Front. Any thoughts or curriculhm you could offer would be greatly appreciated. ThomasJul 29, Elbow to Head The techniques and drills in this program are based to develop specific technical attribute from Jeet Kune Do that blend drills and techniques with Combat Hapkido. New modules are supported by DVDs, seminars, and local instruction conducted by certified instructors of each course.


This form of target striking is called pain compliance and generally, but not always, leads to an immediate response by the attacker. Always good to add another dan to the M. Just wanted to say, great thread guys!

Dec 7, It was probably not the best choice in names, but that’s the spirit in which it was chosen. Our school ended up naming all of our techniques for memory retention. In common with many Hapkido styles, it also emphasizes small circular motion, non-resisting movements, and control of an opponent through force redirection and varied movement and practitioners seek to gain advantage through footwork, distractive haplido and body positioning to employ leverage.

I’ve been a member a long time and I like the video resources, the networking between member schools, the openness and encouragement of cross training, and the ease of going to seminars with GM Pellegrini. All training in Combat Hapkido is reinforced with extensive training seminars, with most months containing multiple seminars located throughout the United States and Internationally.

Over the Top Wrist Lock 2.

It had the full curricullum of joint locks, breakaways, etc. Combat Hapkido does not incorporate certain traditional Hapkido techniques which it deemed impractical for modern self-defense scenarios.

The funny part is when you see it done even remotely fast you realize how much damage it can quickly do with very little effort. Step Behind Take Down. At their core the Hapkido arts are about combat curriuclum to eclipse this with acrobatics does the practitioner no good service.


Combat Hapkido Belt Requirements

Step in Spin Around 2. Great info Thomas, appreciate that.

Views Read Edit View history. Your name or email address: The Ground Survival program blends with Combat Hapkido’s core curriculum and adopted aspects of Combat Hapkido’s Anatomical Targeting Strategies Pressure Point program utilizing small and large joint locking and pressure point techniques. In addition to the core curriculum, the ICHF researches and develops “modules” that are compatible with the core curriculum and encourages students to explore them.

Apr 11, Messages: He stated “I have merely structured a new Self-Defense system based upon sound scientific principles and modern concepts. Jeon Tu Gwan Hapgido. Elbow to Midsection You said you’ve trained in both, right? Elbow Take Down 5. Do you already have an account? In fairness I must tell you that this is a mistake.

Radial Nerve Strike 4. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. You must log in or sign up to reply here. By hapkiod this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.