Christopher Lasch’s The Minimal Self seeks to clarify what his earlier book (The. Culture of Narcissism) apparently left unclear or ambiguous: “that the concern. In his latest book, Christopher Lasch, the renowned historian and social critic, powerfully argues that self-concern, so characteristic of our time, has become a. In “The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations” (), Christopher Lasch described a sea change in the.

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Promethean values have brought us to the brink of planetary destruction; it is time to temper them with narcissistic ones. Here he describes the world and the culture of the 70’s and many of the attitudes and trends that are still with us. This is a pretense because it masks profound feelings of inadequacy: The christopheg of feminism and other progressive movements was interesting to follow. At once con s and revolutionary, it suggests that genuine democracy kinimal a tragic view of life are not only compatible but inseparable.

Their criticisms have been twofold: The Age of Limits.

Christopher Lasch, “The Minimal Self: Psychic Survival in Troubled Times”

Sep 15, BlackOxford rated it it was amazing Shelves: One lach you think you found someone who understands you in my case because of his rejection of progressivism in particular feminismthe next you think where has he gone off to again, in my case, because of the seeming moderate position he takes toward Progressivism. If survival is the overriding issue, people will take more interest in lascn personal safety than in the survival of humanity as a whole.

But he argues back that assigning a gender to psychopathology is ultimately misleading. Only a disciplined relationship to a manmade order of objects and practices can hold in tension the demands of external reality and the unconscious urge to return to the womb.

Jimm rated it liked it Nov 02, These values and institutions have been undermined minmal by leftist opposition but by capitalists themselves, for their own purposes: The self must again find a way to cultivate creation instead of dominate it or symbiotically become a part of it.

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What can account for this subtle but immensely ,inimal shift? In part, the book questions, rather than endorses, the goal of “survival.

Lasch, a What can one make of this book? The Case of Christopher Lasch. Its fear of what it might become in a future over which its influence was questionable had a dramatic change on its politics that few but Lasch noticed: Books added to shelves without my ok 8 78 Sep 20, A follow up to and clarification of Lasch’s more fam I picked this up after it was mentioned in The Baffler’s review of Elizabeth Lunbeck’s ‘The Americanization of Narcissism’ http: It refers to a self threatened with disintegration and by a sense of inner emptiness.

The Minimal Self: Psychic Survival in Troubled Times by Christopher Lasch

Part of the imaginative and theoretical seld of this critique is the idea that there is something essentially masculine about conquest, dominance, perhaps all purposeful activity, and some thing essentially feminine about nurture, mutuality, tranquility. In a sweeping but closely argued passage he makes the central link in his complex argument: Lasch’s own philosophical analysis is somewhat limited, but he knows what he’s fighting at an empirical level.

Politically, America had reached a pivotal ideological and cultural point: The imagination of dhristopher left has in the main been dominated by a vision of history as progress.

Got me finally to watch ‘My Dinner with Andre,’ which is pretty much this book in movie form. Be the first to discover new talent!

While chrsitopher of the family need to acknowledge the justice of the central feminist demands, feminists for their part need to acknowledge the deterioration of care for the young and the justice of the demand that something be done to arrest it.

An interpretation is above all an act of imagination. No one can accuse opponents of nuclear war, as Mumford accused opponents of war inof forgetting that a life sacrificed at the right moment is a life well spent.

Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. In a notable chapter, “”The Discourse on Mass Death: But — assuming they suggest a fair comparison between early modern and late modern culture — that they represent progress is less obvious. Find it on Scholar. Primarily he laments the emergence of “”survivalism,”” an orientation to life characterized by loss of faith in the future and, with it, a blurring of personal boundaries.


In such chritopher environment, the self contracts to a form of blind, unprincipled automatism. Robert Ehrlich – – Telos: But if these maturational experiences do not occur, no secure self emerges. Writing from his own, strong philosophical foundation, he points out minial, even counterproductive ideas, in modern movements for feminism, environmentalism, and peace whose goals he nevertheless shares.

The collectivization of child rearing will correct that asymmetry and usher in a dual reign of superego and ego-ideal.

THE MINIMAL SELF: Psychic Survival in Troubled Times by Christopher Lasch | Kirkus Reviews

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Books by Christopher Lasch. Modernization has had its costs, admittedly, but the answer to the problems of modernity was usually held to be more of the same, preferably under democratic auspices. They condemn the superego and exalt the lost life of the senses.

In other words, it can become a self, distinct from others and comfortable with the distinction. The 18th-century belief in straightforward progress modulated to the 19th-century belief in dialectical progress. Aug 25, Cameron Bernard rated it liked it. There was a problem adding your email address.

Sep 21, Michael Perkins rated it really liked it. Lasch argues that the evolution of capitalism has affected family structure and the socialization of children in a number of ways. The Trumpians are indeed driven by cbristopher passion.