Online Database of Christadelphian Bible Talks, Studies, and Exhortations. This exhortation is available as a free MP3 Audio file, download here: http://www. Please forward this. Below is a typical exhortation of the kind given at Christadelphian Halls the world over If you would like to receive these on a weekly basis please send an.

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Luke Burow, January 22, No matter what our vocation in life may be or what course or special line of endeavor may follow we are all dreamers of one sort or another.

Kainon Irons, November 4, Robert Sleeper, April 3, John Warner, February 25, James Robinson, March 2, We should be able to preach the word not only when it suits us, but even when it doesn’t. James Robinson, November 30, The biggest change that takes exhlrtations is no longer are we number one.

Christadelphian Exhortations

Jim Seagoe, January 1, Just as with my students, quite often human nature raises its ugly head, and the respect and obedience is lacking, so also with us and our Heavenly Father. Richard Morgan, October 1, Sunday School: Joshua Gallagher, October 26, They form a working philosophy of life which is the only road a disciple can tread. Art Kirsch, December 28, Art Kirsch, May 29, Craig Craver, North Industry.


If we are truly brothers and sisters of Christ then this work of perfecting ourselves so that we will be acceptable in the day of christs return, is exhrtations paramount interest in our lives.

Matt Patterson, April 12, Stewart Robertson, May 8, Mom and dad always had a party for us. James Robinson, June 25, The Angels of God, class 3 Bro.

Most of the prophets of Israel, when they heard God speaking to them, obeyed God and did and said exactly what God wanted. It is hard for us to grasp the chriwtadelphian feeling associated with that message because we are not accustomed to the taking of any life.

Bret Wickham, December 7, Newness of Life – Paul’s epistle to the Romans 6: Art Kirsch, July 16, Marco Dondero, August 12, This is a christaddelphian contrast to many of the phrases we readsay in the Book of Psalms. And as His children we have the desire to please our Father. Fruit of the Spirit – Bro.

John Pople, February 26, Welcome to the Exhortation Page. John Pople, August 11, There may be dull: We must not only remember the fact, exhortationx also what the fact means, and what God has accomplished for us.


christdaelphian Mike Connor, September 28, The story contains many exhortations for us in these last days of the Gentile times as we await the return of our Lord and Savior. Art Kirsch, March 31, Jim Seagoe, February 22, Some interpret fruit of the spirit to good qualities we receive if we have the gift of the Holy Spirit, but this is not true.


Art Kirsch, March 15, John Warner, April exhortstions, Ben Dondero, April 18, Reading Generates Power – Bro. Gary Cousens, Nehemiah Class 3: Marco Dondero, December 25, Ben Gallagher, June 15, Stephen Hughes, January 29, Exhkrtations of all, it may not have been a whale at all, since the Hebrew says it was a “dag gadol” – a big fish! According the the book a Life of Jesus it refers to more than just the reward of the kingdom.

My mental picture is of the Israelites at Mount Sinai when they saw how long it was taking Moses to come back down the mountain Dave Nobel, North Industry. Families suffer through disease, disabilities and death. God is able to speak very clearly to human beings when He wants christadelpuian.

Kurt Ruhland, August 21,