Part Lists & Dimensions · PT Pilot® · Technical Notes · MOVIGEAR®: Click to learn about this innovative product! 2D/3D CAD. bly is also carried out completely by SEW-EURODRIVE. In combination with our drive electronics, these drives provide the utmost in flexibility. Products of the. Catalogo Reductores SEW. Uploaded by Yosmer David Bolaño. reductores sew sequences, servo drive systems by SEW-EURODRIVE offer a flexible and.

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For information on the procedure, refer to the documentation of the inverter. Comply with the regulations of the following standards and directives: Damage to property, damage to the motor.

When there is a fault state PI1: Electrical hazard Possible consequences: You can now repeat the startup procedure Setting caalogo The following parameters are set automatically for the application: Check the shielding of the data cables and improve if necessary.

Operating Instructions — CMP Synchronous Servomotors 35 Electrical installation Notes regarding the connection of the power and signal cables via the con- 5 5. Note the following points if you want to assemble the cables yourself: Technical Eurodrkve abcxyz Contents 1.

The permitted size of the working air gap is listed in the following table: Observe the notes in the relevant operating instructions concerning the switching sequence of motor enable and brake reductoges during standard operation. Supplier has responsible for maintenance the machine lifetime, after the warranty period, supplier continues to offer the technical service, but replacing the spare parts, supplier only charge rreductores material and service fee.


Use suitable measuring instruments for current measurements. F series parallel shaft gear reducer F series gear reducer is one kind of parallel shaft helical gear reducer, which consist of 2 or 3 stages helical gears relate to gear ratio in the same case.

Support and secure the customer structure before removing the servomotor.

SEW-EURODRIVE Support: Documentation & Software

Rosemary Johnston 1 years ago Views: This is the formal structure of an embedded safety note: The brake is controlled by a brake controller that is either installed in the control cabinet or in the terminal box.

Notes on the BY brake The BY brake, which is designed as a working brake, must be inspected and serviced every 0. Homophones have different spelling and meaning. Always install a new brake controller at the same time as replacing the brake coil.

Install the cover [] See the following excerpt from the code table for all products: Measuring the working air gap The working air gap can be measured via the stroke of the pressure plate when the brake is released. Solvent may reductkres get in contact with bearing or sealing rings because it may damage material.


With innovative technology that solves tomorrow s problems today. The above mentioned persons must have the authorization expressly issued by the company to operate, program, configure, label and ground units, systems and circuits in accordance with the standards of safety technology. Observe the permitted overhung and axial forces. The following units states can occur: In such cases, any liability for defects is excluded.

  LEI 11382 PDF

The documentation is written for all employees who assemble, install, start up, and service this product. Any electronic work may only be performed by adequately qualified electricians.

Box Lyman, S. The cables can only be routed together if either the KTY cable or the power cable is shielded. Only electrical specialists are allowed to perform installation and startup observing applicable accident prevention regulations and the MOVIMOT operating instructions!

Operating Instructions – CMP Synchronous Servomotors

Do not turn the plug connector regularly once it has been installed. Fieldbus connection absolute encoders CANopen.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The values are based on the assumption that you operate the lever at the upper end. De-energize the motor and brake, safeguarding them against unintentional powerup.

The proximity switches must be connected so the value in H increases when the motor turns clockwise.