Edited by. John ffitch. Jean Piché. Peter Nix. Richard Boulanger. Rasmus Ekman. David Boothe. Kevin Conder. Steven Yi. Michael Gogins. Andrés Cabrera. The Canonical Csound Reference Manual. Next. The Canonical Csound Reference Manual. Frames Version. Version Barry Vercoe. MIT Media Lab. et. al. Public Csound. Reference Manual. CANONICAL VERSION by Barry Vercoe , Media Lab MIT. & contributors. Edited by John ffitch, Richard Boulanger.

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Shown below is an oscillator as envelope expressed using Csound’s function syntax [2]. FLxyin — Senses the mouse cursor position in a user-defined area inside an FLpanel. MixerSetLevel — Sets the level of a referrnce to a buss.

The Canonical Csound Reference Manual

Modal Frequency Ratios F. GEN40 — Generates a random distribution using a distribution histogram. Modal Frequency Ratios E. Opcode development in Csound has provided tools which are flexible under a wide range of conditions, and make it manial to develop musical gestures over which one has extensive control. GEN27 — Construct functions from segments of straight lines in breakpoint fashion.


Has a sync input to sychronize its internal grain scheduler clock to an external clock source. GEN16 — Creates a table from a starting value to an ending value.

FLupdate – Same as the FLrun opcode. ATSbufread – reads data from and ATS data file and stores it in an internal data table of frequency, amplitude pairs. Cwnonical Orchestra Opcodes and Operators!

Introduction This article is about developing aspects of musical expression, utilizing a number of existing Csound opcodes. FLslidBnkSet — modify the values of a slider bank. GEN19 – Generate composite waveforms made up of weighted sums of simple sinusoids. Primarily utilizing an opcode alone for sound generation, for rdference of a better word, we might call “monousance”. GEN14 — Stores a polynomial whose coefficients derive from Chebyshevs of the second kind.

Versions used for this article were Csound 6. FLslidBnk2Setk — modify the values of a slider bank.

/chapter: How-To-Use-This-Manual / CSOUND

The following references examples you can download for this article from the following link: JackoAudioOut — Sends an audio signal to a Jack port. GEN41 — Generates a random list of numerical pairs. You should refresh this page. MixerSend MixerReceive – Receives an arate signal from a channel of a buss. JackoFreewheel — Turns Jack’s freewheeling mode on or off.



GEN20 referencce Generates functions of different windows. This opcode will broadcast the midi events to all the machines involved in the remote concert. GEN11 – Generates an additive set of cosine partials.

FLslidBnkSet – modify the values of a slider bank. For a legato sound, in the standard numeric score, a negative p3 value for duration implies a held note.

JackoInfo — Prints information about the Jack system. GEN07 — Constructs functions from segments of straight lines. FLslidBnkGetHandle — gets the handle of last slider bank created. They easily allow for the implementation of expressivity. FLxyin – Senses the mouse cursor position in a user-defined area inside an FLpanel.