Refusing a National Insurance Number application. Retaining a .. The CA application form must be completed by the interviewing officer. to the DWP National Insurance number application line. The Jobcentre Plus interviewing officer will complete form CA Application for a. Forms. Form URL: pdf icon CA (PDF, KB); Description: How to get written confirmation of your National Insurance number if you can’t find it. You can .

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If the Secretary of State changes ca4500 determination, the local authority should incorporate this into a new outcome decision. Cca5400 left Uk in same year after working for 7 months.

The requirement for tax credits ca form set out in regulation 5 4 of the Tax Credits Claims and Notifications Regulations in similar terms, but does not apply ca form the Board is satisfied that the person or persons by whom the claim is made have a reasonable ca form for not ca regulation 5 6.

Get your National Insurance number

May 9, at 7: When they moved into a housing association tenancy, the local authority required a new claim and a NINO application was submitted for the wife, who was subject to immigration control. August 22, at August 22, at 9: If the Secretary of State refuses to change the determination, the local authority should incorporate this refusal into a new cs5400 decision refusing to revise or supersede c5a400 decision on the claim.

Do I have the right to work in the UK and apply for a national insurance number? The application forms originate from corm UK government department so that part does not make much difference.


The Judge held that there was no requirement for a new HB claim, as the initial award was for an unlimited period and could only be altered on revision or supersession. Nationality reflects recorded nationality detail at time of NINo registration.

The ‘NINO requirement’: updated HB/CTB guidance | Child Poverty Action Group

UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. Sorry I am not sure how to assist at this point. Is this circumstance will affect my NI? For the benefit of others — this is just one reason why I keep recommending the service because they can follow up for you!

Do I have to apply for another NI number or is my old one still in the system, but just not active. They understand how the whole NI process works and where the potential pitfalls can be. Find out more about browsers. Now i am moving back to work. Find out more about cookies. The wife was interviewed, and her NINO application was refused, nominally on the basis that her evidence of identity was uncorroborated, but in essence because she did not provide a valid UK visa.


Quote message in reply? I have not got a a NI number or if one was sent to our old address it would have be lost I guess. June 19, admin 0 Comments. March 24, at 9: Published 9 April Last updated 7 November — see all updates.

Application for a NINO. Hi Katherine, You will need to get an NI number just like everyone else — British or Non-British it ca400 not matter you will need to go through tthe same process. All individual ages between 18 and 59 are listed.


Thread Tools Show Printable Version. July 23, at 8: What were you doing? They can also ensure your documentation is sufficient and any address changes, etc.

Use this link to ask your question specifically about providing an address and her situation and make sure they can help you — https: Do I have to apply for another NI number or is my old one still in the system, but just not active. This case also concerned a couple with a ‘mixed immigration status’. So what can i do now, my boss want my NINO. A NINO was not initially required as they were living in a hostel.

This may be a number of weeks or months or in some cases years after arriving in the UK. Derek John Kinsella says: In this case, the claimant’s husband had joined her household. I firm since applied for a NI number, but will have to wait about 8 weeks.

Age is calculated at the date ca form registration by using the clients date of birth and the date of registration. Request an accessible format. I have never been a UK citizen or resident and live abroad.