The basis of the major motion picture starring Billy Bob Thornton, KimBasinger and Mickey Rourke, The Informers is a seductive and chillingly. The Informers. Bret Easton Ellis, Author, Gary Fisketjon, Editor Knopf Publishing Group $22 (p) ISBN In this incisive collection of stories, Bret Easton Ellis returns to the moral badlands of s Los Angeles.

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Nobody, not even Ellis, can compete with the real thing, after all. Down 2, this week.

Informers is significantly less violent than American Psychobut like the latter, it plunges deeply into something much more apparent in his and our society. Empty is as tne does– As I thought about what made this story of Brett Easton Ellis’ so awful compared to his more recognized ‘American Psycho’ thank you Christian Bale!

But amidst the uglier surroundings of the LA portions of the book, it feels serene and easfon.

Refresh and try again. Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from December All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention. At the end of the chapter, she leaves Los Angeles giving the reader the impression that she eason there but then decided not to stay, instead planning to return by train to Camden College.

For most of the characters there are plenty of people around: Everybody is named Graham, Dirk or Raymond, and all the girls are blonde and oh-so 15 years old. There’s only so many ‘lets smoke a joint and shoot up and have meaningless, stoned sex’ scenes a person can take and throughout the book your bombarded with them, page after page.


One night, left alone with Mary, Tommy attempts to have sex with her. On Prime Video Watch Daston. Chapter about Cheryl Laine, a news anchor with a complicated love life.

Bret Easton Ellis – IMDb

I think he is very capable of being funny and entertaining, but this is not his best. Even though it worked for me, I would dissuade those interested from starting with American Psycho for several reasons. Definitely not a place to start with Bret Easton Ellis.

None of these characters seem even remotely happy with their lives. It is clear that Cheryl views William as an ex, however. Unknown Bindingpages. The characters remind me a lot of Less than Zero but most of the characters in The Informers are supposed to be adults.

For some reason I thought it sounded cool. The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis. View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro.

The Informers – Wikipedia

His world of morally devoid, upper-class monsters has a strange allure that keeps me wondering about the characters after I put the book down. She then follows her son Graham and watches him score drugs. Fixating on tanning, youth, and strength distracts some from addressing their own hollowed existence, buried feelings, brst problems, and even their own mortality The overwhelming message of the eastno for the younger generation was to remember to take their vitamins, along the way the message got a little misconstrued, but they made sure they always got their Vitamin D.

Throughout the book, none of the characters think about or do anything other than have sex, do drugs, and engage in violent activities. This might be the fact that his books are more and more metafictional and that seems to help add depth into a book a shallow annoying characters. An unnamed character from New York instantly feels out of place in Los Angeles and longs for a sense of belonging after endangering it back home.

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The Informers

I sent most of each chapter trying to remember how each person was connected to previous stories and then I realized it just should not be that hard.

The corners cut the unsuspecting reader, and each story is the introduction of a new narrator with no concern for explanation or excuses. Leaving the zoo, the narrator contemplates finally living a life independent of Bruce, but sees no immediate release from the situation. Like, I still gave it four stars and will always appreciate that novel – sick and disturbing as it is – but I was also less forgiving towards the constant though satirical details in consumerism, fashion, food tastes and body products.

The Informers picks off mome Bret Easton Ellis is a writer I feel gets his fair share of criticism, sometimes I would agree, most of the time I wouldn’t, he can write, no doubts about it.