Bone Gnawers Tribebook (Werewolf: The Apocalypse) [Sam Chupp, Bill Bridges] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. RPG Book. The third Tribebook looks at the Children of Gaia: their enduring history, legends and behavior, as told by a Child of Gaia sage. This heavily. Bone Gnawers. I haven’t seen the original version of the Bone Gnawers tribebook , so I’m only going to discuss what’s in the new one. In the world of Werewolf.

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The Litany is built to support heroes, and the Bone Gnawers are manifestly not heroic. In protest, many Gnawers left the tribe and explored the west as ronin.

Umbral CB allows a werewolf to broadcast into the material realm from anywhere in the Umbra. Bone Gnawer Philodox are more engaged in human politics and welfare than their tribal counterparts.

It would be much more appropriate in Get of Fenris or Silver Gnaweds. Considering how much problems the Silver Fangs have with inbreeding, this is probably accurate. The Bone Gnawer Lupus consider them backwards.

Rite of the Shopping Cart makes any container into a limited Bag of Holding. Mical rated it liked it Apr 07, The followers of Jackal, with more in common with the Striders and seeing an opportunity to earn some gnswers, did agree to help the Striders.

RAGE allows it to be used as a weapon. Kerrie D’Ercole rated it it was ok Feb 05, Fyodor Slams-Stoli recommends Communist revolution. Can the Nation afford such upheaval when the end is nigh? The werewolf can also send psychic messages across a certain distance, across the state at its highest level. A recent flood of urban Gnawres is causing some Gnawer leaders concern.


Since aggravated damage is unsoakable and unregenerable, this is enough to kill some supernaturals in a single explosion. Rites posted by pospysyl Original SA post.

Bone Gnawers Tribebook (1st Edition) by Bill Bridges

Rite of the Cardboard Palace creates an adequate shelter for a Bone Gnawer out of cardboard and assorted trash. Kei rated it liked it Jun 28, Once in a story, the ST rolls on a table.

This means that adding a new Background where you have no dots can still only happen by Storyteller fiat. Tribeobok Gnawers became the Hillfolk, taking up rural trades and filling the wide wild landscape of America. Tagalong is a weird one. The Bone Gnawers there overthrew their Silver Fang sept leader and now run it communally.

Bone Gnawers Tribebook (1st Edition) (PDF version) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

As briefly discussed in the Black Fury book, to be initiated into a tribe you have to be approved of by the totem spirit of that tribe. A wanderlust spirit teaches the Gift. After the success of the first Piping, further tribal moots became commonplace as communication and travel improved. Elliott rated it liked it Jan 19, Bone Gnawers Chapter 2, Part 2 Quickly, now, the auspices!

Road Ward is better, allowing a Gnawer to jump off a car or other vehicle bnoe 75 mph or more without taking any damage. He recommends tribwbook your distance.


Resources indicates a reliable income stream, which defies the basic notion of a Bone Gnawer. Theurges are either crazy seeming urban shamans or compassionate healers giving their services to the needy. In the core, Bone Gnawers can pick up Blissful Ignorance from the Ragabash Gift list, allowing any Bone Gnawer to temporarily erase a memory to avoid giving away secrets.

All Gnawers are determined to survive and develop the talents necessary to do so. Lost Keyring is a keyring full of assorted keys.

A two dot Fetish could have a level 2 Gift, for instance. Hootenany is a standout Gift. However, his followers also tend to go crazy, requiring a daily willpower roll to resist madness. I thank the sept leader-rhya for allowing me this chance to speak. Ragabash are clowns and criminals.

Dock workers might be useful for physical aid, or you could have some seedy criminal relatives. Sleeping in the street in that smelly cloak. Sample Characters posted by pospysyl Original SA post This tribebook takes a different tack for their sample characters, not recommending them as PCs at all. The Bone Gnawers can finally live to the fullest.

Bone Gnawers Tribebook

Not any public park is going bonne be pure enough to open a caern. Riot creates just that, a riot. Gnawer kin can be found in among ethnicity.