Read a free sample or buy Bipolar. Memorias de un estado de ánimo by Cheney, Terri. You can read this book with Apple Books on your. “Comprendí que la autentica belleza no reside en la ausencia de fealdad sino en su aceptación.” ― Terri Cheney, Bipolar. Memorias de un estado de · 2 likes. Rachel said: To be clear: there are bipolar rich people and there are bipolar On the outside, Terri Cheney was a highly successful, attractive Beverly Hills.

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This was a decent book though it was not as compelling as I had expected – perhaps due to the lack of chronology. Her brutal honesty of her manic times and the months of dealing with the “dark beast” is heartbreaking. I dont know why but i found chheney very hard to empathize with her. They treated her as a non human.

Bipolar. Memorias de un estado de ánimo

You will not feel this way forever. She doesn’t just say “hypomania makes you hypersensitive to stimulation”; she writes “when you’re heading up toward mania, the slightest sensation hotwires your memoris.

Maybe its worse when you’re a lawyer, and you know what rights are being violated. I will say that it’s intriguing to read about a person’s experience of um illness and how it traverses their entire life. Read more Read less. What got me, though, was how she always said this time the depression was the worst ever.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Oh, and her Porsche! Also, if you are wondering what may go on in Britney Spears’ mind, this is a great book for you!


Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. It just didn’t matter anymore.

It’s not that she’s rich that makes her unlikable, it’s that she’s beyond vain and it’s so annoying to read over and over and over in a place where it’s entirely out of context other than to be boastful. Aug 13, Mallory rated it liked it.

: Terri Cheney: Books

But I don’t want to read scenes of her doing her makeup or ee dressed for a date with some spectacularly handsome man or staring at herself in the mirror and yes, there is talk of her staring at herself in the mirror. Jun 23, Lisa rated it liked it. As someone who has loved ones who have had to battle illness throughout their lives im particularly symathetic to people in their position.

I found it fascinating. Even Joan Didion can’t dee away with juxtaposing lavishness and misery in a non-irksome way.

I hope that this book might open the eyes to even a few people out there who think that the illness is a mind over matter type thing. The comparison of this moneyed white lawyer who spent one night in jail to Rodney King’s predicament was a real stretch at best, terribly racist and insulting at worst. This might be a better book for people who are interested in learning about bipolar disorder because, while sad at times, it is tempered with an insight that makes it easier to read.

Apr 16, Majo’s Library. I don’t want to ruin any of the really interesting or shocking stories in here for you. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. You can barely remember his name now–Arthur King?


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Manic is a fascinating and sincere read. Anyone who knows someone close to them who suffers from mental illness would gain muc Cheney is relentless with pressing her mania against the reader, rarely letting up. Rather than giving a chronological account of her illness and various suicide attempts, she skips from one part of her life to another because that is what it feels like to be manic.

A Memoir” was felled by acute depressions that brought her to suicide attempts. I sat down on my couch with this book last night Touching on events that occurred prior to her diagnosis, as well as some that occurred after, Cheney takes us on a retrospective journey through these events from the perspective of her internal process of recognizing specific thought patterns, physical sensations, moods, and external factors that can trigger, exacerbate, or distort any or all of these elements.

Manic was a series of vignettes about different manic or depressed times that had major impact on her life. A Memoir 1 17 Jul 02, Maybe it’s the nature of the illness, but my question was why didn’t she at least try to do something I almost stopped reading right there. I highly recommend this book. While I am certainly not a severe as this woman, it does give you a very good idea of what this illness is like. He is a great reviewer.