Marketing strategies of haldiram’s. 1. MARKETING STRATEGIES OF HALDIRAM’S; 2. WHAT IS MARKETING MIX? Marketing Mix is one of the. Here is the Marketing mix of Haldiram’s which is a private associated with food and beverage industry and Bikaji; Lehar; Bikano It has a reasonable pricing strategy that makes its products affordable and within range. ‘Bikaji’ in Bikaner is major company in the branded Bhujia market. other marketing strategies if they want to survive in this competitive market of Bhujia.

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Havmor Ice Cream, for years happy to be a small ice cream brand in Gujarat, is now morphing into a national player, living up to the literal meaning of its name. Haldirams never followed an aggressive marketing strategy, but let the products speak for themselves by strong point-of-sale promotional practices.

Of Bhujia per day which amounts to an annual production of 25, to 30, tons. Hotels, beauty parlourspersons ex. And thus Bhujia production gained momentum and a bid Bhujia prepared in this area has special ingredient of moth Lentil grown in this area and the different special taste can be attributed to salty well water available only in Rajasthan.

The raw material is thus abundant and easily available to industry. Question was asked to know that if prices of their respondents preferred brand of Bhujia increase, then would they like to switch over.

Bikaji Foods: Taking the Taste of Bikaner Global | Forbes India

The website also offers services like placing bulk orders and fatafat delivery quick delivery. While lentil is grown in western Rajsathan i.


The companies of Bikaner Bhujia Industry mainly use print media for advertising only Bikaji has used the broadcasting media for advertising. A schedule was prepared consisting of fifteen questions.

Bikaner’s bhujia empire: How Agarwal family runs Rs 5,000 cr business covering 500 products

The company can open more of its outlets and go for direct selling. There are a lot of threats for the company, not only the bigger players like lehar, yes and Mr. Third level channel contains three intermediaries such as stockist semi wholesalers. Shiv ratran Agarwal himself had been recipient of many an award for humanitarianism and contribution to the upliftment of the industry and its people.

Find this comment offensive? Fill in your details: Gol-m-Gol Gulabjamun 12 x 1 Kg. Larger rivals have gone one better, buying out buzzing regional players.

The pricing for the company is cost plus i. Log In Sign Up.

The new unit of Bikaji food private LTd. Is ztrategy pioneer in Bikaner bhujia industry in more than one field. Gup-Shup Tasty 60 x gm. All Bikaji snacks are made untouched by human hand, on fully automated machines in the most ultra-modern factory in Rajasthan. Although there are department like finance, productions and marketing but there is an informal structure where the manger finance can look into production and marketing if the need arises.

The whole manufacturing process is in-house and stringent quality checks are done by the founder family members themselves.

Procurement of packaging which is one of the best technologies available in this industry are from flex industry Noida and digipack of Hyderabad, Keracane for Rosgulla packaging is from Bombay.


Dose your consumption of bhujia get affected due to the availability of other mixtures? Gulf countries The company has centralized distribution system. As and when worker require the material for Bhuijia they take besan and kept at the same place and use it for Bhujia. The market coverage of the company does not include down south states of India. In the next four years, the company’s managing director, Ankit Chona, wants to double turnover to Rs 1, crore, is doubling production capacity and will be in 13 states by the end of this year – with firm aspirations to be a national brand soon.

Filmstars and sportspersonsplaces ex. It also exports its products to countries like Australia, Japan Singapore and Europe too. Availability of raw material: There is strztegy one outlet in which direct selling is there.

The product range offered to customers is quite sstrategy.

What strategy should regional brands follow to win over customers? – The Economic Times

Navrtra season when most of the people go in fast. Soan Papdi 20 x gm. Price is the only element of marketing mix that produces revenue, all other produce cost. Shivdeep industries limited is situated in Bichwal industrial area, Bikaner.