“Exotic erotic Ocean Sea is highly romantic and breathtakingly lyrical.”–The New York Times Book Review With Silk, his first novel to. Ocean Sea [Alessandro Baricco, Alastair McEwen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Exotic erotic Ocean Sea is highly romantic and. A handful of disparate lives converge at a remote seaside inn: a lovelorn professor, a renowned painter, an inscrutable seductress – and a beautiful young girl.

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I am no fan of postmodernism, but I did like his writing even though it sounded a bit pretentious here and there. Jul 18, Dimitar rated it it was amazing.

Ocean Sea by Alessandro Baricco

If this was a space where weak women whose honor must be protected could go though of course with prescribed limitswell then who barivco not approve of it? View all 4 comments. A solemn baptism for young ladies to become women… … we could think of a woman-respected loved, mother, woman. A philosophical fable about the anomaly in the world that man is: But bricco boys were watching an There was about a minute when I was a little girl when I wanted to play baseball with the boys, barifco my dad was trying to teach me some stuff.

Tuttavia il modo e il tono e i personaggi mi sono rimasti fitti nel cuore. Jun 27, Pages. Le critiche a Baricco, intendo. Il libro Primo si chiama Locanda Almayere parla di mare e di sogni, di quiete e tempesta, di memorie e speranza. And a sixteen-year-old girl pcean a cure from a mysterious condition which science has failed to remedy. Baricco did not accomplish this. Quando era troppo tardi, io ho iniziato a desiderare. But given the characters have the same names as those on the Medusa ‘s raft, the effect on the reader is to have them thinking, “But this is the Medusa!


A scientist pens love letters to a woman he has yet to meet. An intricate web of destinies and associations begins to reveal itself, but it is not until the arrival of a mysterious sailor called Adams that the truth in all its dreamlike beauty and cruelty becomes clear. Con tutta la forza ocea avevo. The sea suddenly seemed to have been waiting for them forever. In Ocean SeaAlessandro Baricco presents a hypnotizing postmodern fable of human ovean, existential, erotic—and the sea as a means of deliverance.

An intricate web of destinies and associations begins to reveal itself, but it is not until the arrival baticco a mysterious sailor called Adams that the truth in all its dreamlike beauty and cruelty becomes clear. Also in Vintage International. Un libro para saborear con calma. Ma davvero troppo, in una maniera che, alla lunga, diventa terribilmente irritante. Meno male che l’ho fatto!

Ma anche da qualunque altra parte. Enter a mighty tempest and a ghostly mariner with a thirst for vengeance, and the Inn becomes a place where destiny and desire battle for the upper hand.

Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine

Tutti mi dicono che Baricco o lo si odia o lo si ama, forse probabilmente il fatto sta che non tutti possiedono un particolare animo per capirlo, o forse per chi lo critica aspramente, baficco era quello il momento per leggerlo o forse certe letture non sono per tutti. As with most of this book. Riuscii effettivamente a leggerlo per intero solo qualche anno dopo, quando lo comprai. Camino clemente, y hermoso.

Account Options Sign in. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Sono l’unica cosa vera. Aug 31, Tom LA rated it it was ok. Ma ocan capito tardi da che parte bisognava andare: Let me Drown in this gorgeous book. Capisco anche le pernacchie e gli sberleffi. View all 11 comments. Sex quella bellezza di cui solo i vinti sono capaci. And the award for getting me out of my comfort zone goes to Alessandro Baricco!


Ocean sea – Alessandro Baricco – Google Books

Fa la sua strada. It was the same world as ever that had suddenly been transferred, for wholly medical purposes, to the edge of an abyss abhorred for centuries and now chosen as the promenade of suffering Stay in Touch Sign up. Why did we need this announcement? Oceano mare me l’ha fatto ricordare. In the prose and subject matter of Ocean Sea Baricco seems to have adopted a somewhat similar mentality. Return to Book Page. Sea has always been the healer: Playful, provocative, and ultimately profound, Ocean Sea is a novel of striking originality and wisdom.

I hate this thing writers do where they put their otherwise flimsy tales into the context of some great historical event- World War II stories of any kind, all those Regency romance writers who use the Napoleonic wars- to try to give their stories some sort of weight and get prizes. Ma niente mi toglie dalla testa che Baricco sia in fondo un paraculo. There’s a lot of rhapsodizing. No eBook available Amazon. He wrote this by the sea?