The August: Osage County Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography. Editorial Reviews. Review. “This fusion of epic tragedy and black comedy is a bold step for August: Osage County (TCG Edition) – Kindle edition by Tracy Letts. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. But if August: Osage County runs well, it won’t be Letts and his wisecracks taking the stage this time. “It’s not a Tracy Letts play, it’s a John Wells.

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August: Osage County

There’s already one famous film version of it fromstarring Henry Fonda and directed by John Ford, but Letts is unfazed. Want to Read saving….

We already understand how fucked up the world is; show us something more interesting. How could you not? References to Eliot’s The Hollow Men, a set-up of comme Given that there aren’t many 2-star-or-below ratings, nor reviews with such ratings, I figured I should write something that may give another reader some sort of review to relate with as I was searching for one earlier, but was left disappointed by the rather superficial reviews, e.

And I think it taps into something that people feel, particularly in regard to their families: You’re itching to tackle some knotty critical issues about the play — the size of the cast, its metaphorical meaning about America — but there’s another question to address first.

Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play. There are heroic moments by individuals, but really, no one comes away stronger or better off. Our inability to be honest with others, and ourselves, is a profound recognition that you see in yourself as you read this play. If you like what we do, however, please consider becoming a Slant patron.


After the film’s premiere at the Toronto film festival in September, Letts and Wells admitted in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that they were still considering changing the film’s ending, which tacks on an extra scene slightly sunnier than the play’s pitch-black finish.

The third act contains more scenes, seems to have osabe quicker pace, and really punches the countyy in the gut with many moments that come up in quick succession. Several family members have gathered in the house to provide support for Violet including her daughter Ivy, her sister Mattie Fae and Mattie Fae’s husband Charlie. In what ways do you think you try, perhaps, to exert too much control in your own life?

The B word was coined for augkst women in his life. I saw this on Broadway so I’m going to count it as a read. This play deserves every hint of praise and recognition it’s ever been given. We all know that much. Fantastic production with Estelle Parsons as the crazy mother.

Karen leaves with Steve, choosing to lie to lerts and mistakenly blaming Jean for what happened. The wind moved through the trees like a restless lion The only issue I have with it is, as noted, aguust borderline ridiculous quantity of issues aired out. It was one of the most real and cringe-worthy things Tracyy have ever witnessed on a stage or even on a screen. And it’s a medium in which I’m not the boss. Wikimedia Commons has media related to August: The Lovers takes some shrewd steps to update the comedy of remarriage for the age of the smartphone.

Outstanding Lettz of a Play. Osage County [a] is a comedy-drama play by Tracy Letts. This production went on to tour throughout the country.

He also has a brother Dana. The New York Times. Before the memorial dinner prepared for the family by Johnna, several family arguments and scenes arise. They fall into an argument almost immediately, during which Violet accuses her of abandoning her family and breaking her father’s heart. A tale of a dysfunctional Oklahoma family, Osage County is a solid 4 stars. The characters are alive.


Interview: Tracy Letts Talks August: Osage County | Feature | Slant Magazine

Thanksgiving at the National. Retrieved April 1, The beginning was kind of slow for me, but it really got interesting in act two.

An aspect of the play I felt to augst superfluous was Jean smoking pot, and then Steve hitting on her. It was easy to imagine it staged, a real plus for script reading! Late that night, Steve and Jean share a joint, and before long, Steve attempts to molest Jean. In a private moment, Barbara and Violet apologize to each other, but it is uncertain how long the peace will last.

Why not direct any of the film adaptations of your work yourself? Violet breaks down and is left only with Johnna, who ends the play with a quotation from a T.

I just learned that the woman is eighty years old! Nobody was ever arguing to give us a smiley ending. Barbara reports that Violet’s doctor thinks she has brain damage, and the three sisters share a drink in their father’s letrs, discussing their mother.

The producers this time round, including George Clooney and Harvey Weinstein, have also done an amazing thing: Outer Critics Circle Award [21]. It involves a lot of collaboration.

I am sure many people can tract relate to at least part of the family dynamic. Donate Slant is reaching more readers than ever before, but advertising revenue across the Internet is falling fast, hitting independently owned and operated publications like ours the hardest.