The unabridged is 63hrs long vs abridged 12hrs. . But the real question would be: Atlas Shrugged, Unhinged or absolutely insane? The same. Shop our inventory for Atlas Shrugged: Abridged Edition by Ayn Rand, Edward Herrmann with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock!. Atlas Shrugged: Abridged Edition by Ayn Rand, Edward Herrmann (Read by) starting at. Atlas Shrugged: Abridged Edition has 0 available edition to buy at.

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Which version of Atlas Shrugged self. I’ve heard about this massive work but the sheer volume deterred me to get started.

Audiobooks almost always tend to give me the “start-up” of the reading drive abridge I’m thinking of buying it with the e-book. I’ve consulted the reviews but it’s quite evenly divided, with a bit of tilt to Hurt version.

It is about a decade old, however, and most of the audiobook innovations started later than that to my knowledge. Given the cost is same 1 tokenwhich would you choose and why? I tried the Scott Brick version. I didn’t get through it Its not to terrible narration, its shrrugged depressing. I got through the Brick version. Had to do it at top speed and even then it dragged. I’m somewhat happy to be able so say I have gone through it but I would hardly recommend it.

I’m not sure what the abridged version is like, normally I avoid them, but for something as slow as AS maybe it is better. Plus is is Edward Hermann narrating.


Several years ago, in my younger days when I thought Ayn Rand had a shred of talent and Objectivism a shred of validity, I listened to an abridged recording atlae Edward Hermann from the library. Both the performance and the abridgement were excellent. If you can find it, it’s probably the way to go. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


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Which version of Atlas Shrugged : audiobooks

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I might retry a speed version of it, good idea.