1 Atahualpa Basic Theme Customization Tutorial. What is Atahualpa?. Why I Use the Atahualpa Theme in WordPress | Working At Home With Atahualpa Tutorial Part 1: Installing Atahualpa Theme | Malaysia Internet Marketing. Atahualpa is now live at . Removed references and instructions to/for ancient WP & Atahualpa.

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Just released on wordpress. Try to get really clear about what the goals of a site are; what needs to stand out i. Montezuma should be listed at wordpress. Only excerpts shown contrary to corresponding setting: You can ignore the previous comment about widgets in the footer area — I found the answer Yes, you can! Your page should now look something like this I customized my main content color to tutoiral an orange like color, my sidebars are a yellow like color, and my footer atqhualpa a green like color: You can now have separate header image folders for multisites.

Een voorbeeld hiervan is Atahualpa.

I think it is important to mention that the header images need to be the right pixel size or they will be cut off. When you click it, other options should drop down.

5. How To Style Atahualpa WordPress Theme

Any amount is appreciated. You have successfully changed the logo image. I think a more in-depth look at how to customize basic things like the colors layout of menus would be useful. You can edit the image size in Photoshop or edit the images on http: For questions check out the forum at http: While I tutorila find some great free themes like Atahualpa and applied them to my sites, I wanted more […].


How to Customize Atahualpa to Make a Unique Website Design

Any amount is appreciated. Sorry, neglected to look there in You should now have a working theme, and you are ready to start customizing different sections.

You will edit the background color of your main content layout container or table in this box: Other then that, I thought this was a good job! The theme is tested though. To make sure that it is working, type in your website address. Atahualpa Theme Related Resources: If you want to have a banner image and logo, create your own and upload it to your theme folder. Notice how the order of the header section has changed: Upload your images to the theme folder.

5. How To Style Atahualpa WordPress Theme – Vídeo Dailymotion

Now choose your own images. Screenshot of Montezuma Theme. To change these images to fit the theme of your website, we are going to go into the C-panel. You can ignore the previous comment about widgets in the footer area — I found the answer Yes, you can! New versions of Atahualpa and Montezuma are available at https: Hello Montezuma theme supports latest version of WordPress i. Dit theme combineert veel van de zaken, […].


Ganz fertig ist es noch nicht, das neue outfit, aber immerhin hat dogscafe nun ein logo […]. They have an extensive forum and […]. Here are some more numbers: Resize your image using Splashup: Lets see what that looks like.

BytesForAll WordPress Themes

This theme has a […]. Click here to visit the Atahualpa homepage […].

To get your images proportionate, I would recommend that you choose a large horizontal photo that atahualpz can crop, and will be large enough to resize smaller if necessary. However, there is a pretty steep learning curve that comes along with it.

Rearrange your header items in the order you want based on the 10 header items they list for you in the options. Don’t be shy of donating small amounts.

Get Atahualpa Theme […]. I have been able to add widget areas to the footer. Listed it in most popular theme section in […]. Here are some things you should think about: