Arcadi Oliveres i Boadella, Celestino Andrés Sánchez Ramos. Published by ICARIA EDITORIAL From KALAMO LIBROS, S.L. (Madrid, MADRI, Spain). : Converses entre Arcadi Oliveres i Itziar González. In: Arcadi Oliveres y Pere Ortega (eds), El militarismo en España. Balance del ciclo armamentista español Barcelona: RBA Libros. Gomez Benito, Cristobal.

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You can get further information in our Cookies Policy. The young filmmaker was libroa attracted to his personality and speech that shifted that command in what is today known as DocArcadi. By this time the crisis began to punish the arcadii and citizen welfare, but the existing financial system was incomprehensible and hidden from most of the Spaniards.

An outraged oliverds movement began in Spain after May 15, with a series of peaceful protests with the aim of promoting a participatory democracy away from bipartisanship and the domain of banks and corporations and other measures intended to improve the democratic system — M.

With the emergence of M, the film crew joint Arcadi up in the town squares, where his vocational teaching, his kindness and coherency reaffirmed the affection of thousands of citizens. His activities were multiplied and his perceptibility as well.

Arcadi has spent decades doing commons, since before that word was minted from the Franco regime.

In recent years, the professor has focused his work on the injustices of the world economic system; at universities, neighborhood associations, squats, squares, media and so on – an increasingly awkward speech for powerful people and institutions, which are now trying to justify the abolition of the welfare system. So the main features of this project arose spontaneously and naturally.


The film crew decided to register the movie with free license Creative Commons and partially finance it throughout crowdfunding. Those decisions are allowing us to share the process of shooting with a whole community built into the project, and in a near future we will also share with them the final result.

L Univers PDF | ePub – eLibros

This is pliveres author documentary film shot in key of a Road Movie around the figure of the Spanish Professor of Applied Economics and activist Arcadi Oliveres. It will be registered under a free license Creative Commons By-Nc-Nd and is being partially funded partially through two crowdfunding campaigns. For instance, the Shooting Journal has been published on our website, where you can find interesting interviews with people close to Arcadi and with those who have taken part in the the audiovisual research:.

Apart from this, we have initiated another platform from which we can continue oliverex for DocArcadi every week through our Daily Filming Journal.

And it is targeted towards lliveres supported by the entire community of citizens who value his work and his philosophy. The team however does not intend that the film be viewed as a tribute to Arcadi.

Documental sobre Arcadi Oliveres

Perhaps this film could serve as a support for social demonstrations or public campaigns beyond our borders. This documentary film is targeted towards all the men and women who want to develop a critical opinion about the global crisis, and take part in other points of view about what is happening in the world.

Wrcadi, we will be open to sharing our experience with similar projects and with all groups who want it.

Now we start the shoot itself. We need funds for the filming and post-production process.

Last fall, we were very successful in our first micropatronage campaign with Verkami: In the meantime, the production crew was fighting to get funding from various institutions. But despite our good score for international grants and several positive ratings by public entities, all our applications were finally arfadi.


It feels like making a film amidst a shipwreck. The bad news does not stop us but there are many obstacles to overcome till we achieve our goal. The closer we get to Arcadi, the more convinced we become of the need to spread his ideas especially at a time when an exploitative arcadk is oppressing the common people – you and me.

We only count on your help and support in order to finish the movie and with it we will go ahead and release the documentary film. Amanda Villavieja y Dani Fontrodona Coordination: En Plural with Marta Armengol Royo. It aims to promote and defend human rights, social justice, peace, disarmament, solidarity and respect for the environment. Sign up Sign in.

Documental sobre Arcadi Oliveres DocArcadi. SocialCommunicationsEducational. About this project Una “road movie” sobre su persona, librox ideas y el origen de sus ideas. Show list of needs. July Beginning of the film edition: For instance, the Shooting Journal has been published on our website, where you can find interesting interviews with people close to Arcadi and with those who have taken part in the the audiovisual research: Creative Commons License with attribution, that does not allow commercial use nor derivative works.

Tanto en nuestra web www. Creative Commons License with attribution, that does not allow commercial ljbros, and only allows sharing under identical licensing conditions.

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