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AR , 31 August , is changed as follows: / 5. Bonded positions within Department of the Army and Department of Defense. a. Any military member. Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering Appendix A References Section I Required Publications AR 71–31 Index This index is organized alphabetically by topic and by 4 AR –13 • 27 March

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English is the operational language of the Army. Soldiers must maintain sufficient proficiency in English to perform their military duties.

Their operational communications must be understood by everyone who has an official need to know their content, and, therefore, must normally be in English. However, commanders may not require Soldiers to use English unless such use is clearly necessary and proper for the performance of military functions.

FM Bibliography

Accordingly, commanders may not require the use of English for personal communications that are unrelated to military functions. I’d be very interested to know others’ thoughts on the matter, especially since I’ve had off-the-record discussions with other officers who stated they would clearly violate this part of the regulation if they saw fit.


No, I’m not going to call those officers out I have been around many soldiers who have elected to utilize various languages at various times both on and off duty.

I especially appreciated it when, if we were speaking together and they occasionally threw in a word that was native to them, but ad to me.

I just see it as a way to add to my vocabulary. I never had a problem when another soldier was on the phone speaking to someone else, because quite frankly, it was none of my business what they were talking about, and if it was a professional business call, I would encourage it if it was able to get the job done faster.

AR 600-13 Army Policy for the Assignment of Female Soldiers

Posted on Feb 21, CW3 Join to see. Posted in these groups: LTC Join to see. Posted 5 y ago. As long as you aren’t doing it in a way to exclude or undermine your command or colleagues, go with it.

It’s awesome that you speak a foreign language. More people zr our Army 60-13 be able to do so. I’m constantly looking for people with your skill set. It’s invaluable and should be encouraged in all ways possible.


SGT Join to see 5 y. SFC Join to see. I would read that as if it is a personal conversation there’s nothing requiring it to be in English.

I know that in my office we often speak in different languages, but then we’re linguists and a little off. I can say that as an instructor at the 35P AIT course, it’s very common for us to have native speakers of languages other than English coming through our schoolhouse, and it is not uncommon at all to hear non-english conversations occurring and it has never been a problem for me or anyone else I talk to here; if it’s something important it’s passed in English and everyone understands why.

SGT Join to see. Hello Chief, I have been around many soldiers who have elected to utilize various languages at various times both on and off duty.

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