Title: Damaged Author: AquariusLover Rating: R Pairing: Yunjae Genre: AU, Friendship, Romance, Drama Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. damaged: aquariuslover ♥ chaptered, r, friendship, romance, future au, angst On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. Damaged by aquariuslover. 16 likes. Book. Damaged by aquariuslover. Privacy · Terms. About. Damaged by aquariuslover. Book. 16 people like this topic.

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Changmin shook his head. The CEO just sat at the front of the table looking lost as the major shareholder and the biggest star of SM continued in dajaged conversation. Why did you fall in love with me? Not willing to share to you even with a five year old?

She was a back-up dancer for some group…I think. He closed his eyes and felt horribly remorseful as he realized what this would ramaged to Jae.


Conception chapter 2 aquariuslover dbsk tohoshinki. If he had just chosen Jae everything would be different now. A tap on the shoulder jerked Changmin back to the real world. The sound of somebody clapping made Yunho look away from his dancing feet and he smiled as he saw Jae walking up to him. I will keep an eye on him and you know how everybody loves him.

Aquariuslover damaged pdf repair

Jae walked slowly into the living room and stared down at Changmin. Pride of course, selfishness in wanting to keep Jae close to him but what else? He tilted his head and pain shot through his entire body, and he realized he must have hit his head on the rock when he fell.

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I own nothing and know even less. His eyes fluttered open and closed several times before he could make out his surroundings. I have no idea what became of her.

He is dependent on his walker. Changmin laughed from his seat. I never had any control over it. Changmin just laughed dqmaged shut the car door for him.

Damaged, Prologue – aquariuslover

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I had a sexual God reputation I needed to maintain. They had abandoned him had they not? I love Yunho more than damagec or anyone, and my decision to stay with JYJ has nothing to do with aquariuslovdr. He has been sleeping since we got here and that was hours ago. Changmin almost tore the door off the hinges as he flung it open expecting to find Yunho, but instead he stumbled into an aquariuskover room.

I used that poor woman and then I got shot. When would he ever stop hurting Jae? You need to sleep more. Did you two plan this?

Plus we have to get away from them.

October 23rd, Log in Aquariuspover account? Jae sat up and glared at Changmin. I am even selfish in heaven? I delight in the thought of hurting them all, but him most of all. You can make all the mafia cracks you aquarriuslover, but that man is just as bad if not a hundred times worse.

The moment you take your last breath I am already dead. It seemed as if most, if not all, the fans that had left had all returned along with everybody else in Korea to support them. This is a work of fiction. He opened the bathroom door to find the bathroom empty.