Scottish Government Analytical Services. Helen Fogarty, Scottish Government Social Research. The Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index: Summary. Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands IndexSM (NBISM) Report Highlights. IndexSM – an expanded Nation Brands Index® providing governments and their. The variables that are taken into consideration by the Anholt-Gfk Roper ranking.

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Together, these dimensions make up the Nation Brand Hexagon. The NBI score is an average of roepr scores from these six indices. Exports This is what marketers call the country of origin effect whether knowing where the product is made increases or decreases people s likelihood of purchasing it, and whether a country has particular strengths in science and technology, and has creative energy.

Governance This aspect incorporates perceived competency and honesty of government, respect for citizens rights and fair treatment, as well as global behavior in the brznds of international peace and security, environmental protection, and world poverty reduction.

Culture Cultural aspects measured are perceptions of a country s heritage, its contemporary cultural vibes from music, films, art and literature, as well as the country s excellence in sports. People The general assessment of a people s friendliness is measured by whether respondents would feel welcome when visiting the country, whether respondents want to have a close friend 0211 that anjolt and how willing respondents would be to hire a well-qualified person from that country.

Tourism Respondents rate a country s tourism appeal in three major areas: Tourism potential is also asked: Immigration and Investment A country s power to attract talent and capital is measured by whether people would consider studying, working and living in that country, by the country s economic prosperity, equal opportunity, and ultimately the perception that it is a place with a high quality of life.

Holland receives its best ranks from South Korea and Turkey both 9thfollowed by Germany 10th. On the low end, Egypt and India rank the country 20 th. The country has made the most positive gains in the U.

Ranking 11th on the Immigration and Investment Index, Holland enjoys a strong and balanced image for attracting financial and human capital. The best attribute on this Index is the country s care for maintaining equality in society.

anholt-gfk roper nation brands index | USC Center on Public Diplomacy

The next tier of Index ranks includes Exports 12thCulture and People both at 13th. Holland is highly regarded for its welcoming people, creativity and quality products, and sporting excellence. Holland ranks lowest on Tourism, at 15th.

Its rank is depressed by middling scores on natural beauty and historic landmarks; though Holland earns a 12th place position on overall desire to visit and 11th for its vibrant city life. Holland s favorability ranking is higher than the national average in all panel countries, with neighboring Germany the most favorable, followed by Italy and Argentina. Indians are the least favorable toward Holland, but their familiarity with the country is also low and below-all-nationaverage.

A list of these countries can be found in the GfK press release on page The ranking of Holland differs per subject and statements within these subjects. After this overview of ranks, the report will focus on each subject separately. Holland receives its lowest ranks of the Index from Egypt and South Africa. It is important to note that Holland s rank in the U. Holland s rank per panel country overall Holland rank: Contributes to science and technology: The figure shows the products and services that are associated with Holland.

Holland is most highly associated with agriculture, followed by food. A second-tier of attributes includes crafts, high technology, and banking. Latin American countries think particularly highly of Holland on Governance.

As well, Western European countries see Holland as a beacon on Governance, all ranking it in the top Competently and honestly governed: Holland is seen as reliable, followed by trustworthy. At a noticeably lower level, the country is also seen as reassuring and transparent. Dangerous, corrupt and unstable are not associated with Holland. Panel rankings are clustered between 11th Italy and Japan and 22nd India.


Among its neighbors, Holland natuon given a strong rank from Italy, whereas France, Germany, the UK, and Sweden all give ranks at 15th or lower.

This country excels at sport: Holland is associated with a wide range of cultural activities. Home to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, Holland is not surprisingly most often associated with museums. Holland is also associated with sports, modern design, and sculpture though it brads not own any of these attributes.

Nine panel countries rank Holland in the top 10, and all but Egypt rank it in the top two tiers. However, opinions in Egypt are moving in the right direction, up from 28thwhile Poles have decreased their opinions of Dutch people since In addition Chinese opinions of Holland on this dimension have increased significantly, now placing Holland in the top People would make you feel welcome: Nearly three in 10 panelists think of the Dutch as being hardworking, and a quarter skillful and honest.

Holland s traditional image for being lenient, both in policy and culture, still comes through with notable associations for tolerant and fun. Dutch are hardly associated with any negative traits, with a markedly low association with aggressive. In contrast, Holland receives its two lowest ranks from Sweden and neighbor Germany, two countries particularly critical of Holland s natural beauty. Opinions of Holland s tourist offerings are higher across the channel, with a 14th place position naation the UK as well as in Italy.

Strongly like to visit if money was no object: Holland is seen most inde fascinating, exciting, and educational. A second tier of Holland s descriptors includes relaxing, and romantic, and the country is hardly stressful or risky. Developing economies lead the way in being Holland s strong raters including Poland, Mexico, and Turkey, along with powerhouse Germany. Other Western European countries place Holland no worse than 15th. SinceHolland has improved the most in the U.

Willing to live and work for a substantial period in this country: Holland is seen as modern, forward-thinking, and not at all backward or isolated characteristics commonly associated with globally oriented free markets. Mired in euro-zone financial crisis, Holland is somewhat perceived as stagnant. Roughly one-in sees the country as developing. The Nation Brand Hexagon diagram shows the elements that comprise Holland s successful and well-balanced image, with at least a 15th place rating on natin dimension.

Perception that Holland is run by a government that acts responsibly on issues both at home and abroad stands out as a top strength.

Nation Brands Index , U-S-A! – Reaching the Public

Holland is a top destination for talent and investment, particularly because it is seen as providing equal opportunities in society. Holland has a successful and well-balanced image. While people believe Holland is a creative place producing good products, its reputation on science and technology is slightly less known.

Dutch Culture and People are strong assets, with the Dutch standing out as welcoming people, desirable workers and friends. While still an appealing tourist destination to global citizens, particularly due to its vibrant city life, Holland ranks lowest on Tourism, dragged down by weaker perceptions of historic landmarks and natural beauty.

Among the top 10 countries, the United Kingdom has overtaken France for third place and Australia has passed Switzerland to place eighth. The United States score lead over second place Germany has widened compared to last year. The strengths of America s international standing continue to be innovation, opportunities and vibrancy.

While the country still does not make the top 10 list for the way it governs domestically and behaves globally, it has made significant improvements in the area of governance, said Simon Anholt, NBI founder and an independent advisor to over forty heads of state and heads of government around the world. The tumultuous political and economic climate across Europe has actually benefited the U. The NBI survey was conducted from July 6th to July 25th in 20 major developed and developing countries that play important and diverse roles in international relations, trade, and the flow of business, cultural and tourism activities.


The survey results are based on ratings of 50 nations by 20, respondents on questions in six categories: The overall NBI ranking is based on the average of these six scores.

Brazil the highest ranked developing nation is only ranked 20th among 50 nations. The reputation world order is shifting. Among other things, the digital generation is affecting the momentum and trends, said Xiaoyan Zhao, senior vice president and director of the NBI study at Kndex. We see that the reputation haves of our study have considerably less strength in the eyes of the digital generation.

The future belongs to those who deliver for and bond with the younger generation. This year s NBI study has seen significant developments from nwtion parts of the world. 22011, undergoing economic and political stabilization, has dropped six positions to 33rd, making it one of the only two with a one-year dramatic change in position over the past four years.

South Korea has been making steady gains, moving up to 27th this year from a rank of 30th in and 33rd in Cuba, while still ranking in the 40s, has recorded one of the two largest score gains this year, passing Saudi Arabia to hold 44th place. The study also asked respondents if a country s influence on world trade and economics will grow stronger or weaker in the next 10 years.

There are remarkably different opinions across survey countries, however, about both the influence, as well as the positive impact of the influence, on one s own country, said Xiaoyan Zhao, For example, Japanese respondents rank Japan last in terms of growing influence, in stark contrast to global citizens ranking of 2nd for the home of Toyota, Sony and Nintendo, a gloomy national mood reflecting years of domestic economic malaise.

Globally, Germany ranks first for positive influence on respondents own country. Nation branding Belgium Long-term strategy for the Brand image improvement of Belgium internationally, For business audiences the way Belgium solicits inward investment, recruitment of foreign talents. Impact of exchange rate on tourism to Foresight issue Visit Research 1 Contents 1.

Knowledge of GBP exchange rate 1.

Nation Brands Index 2011, U-S-A!

Impact of exchange rate on likelihood. Consumers activities with mobile phones in stores 1. FMCG sector report randstad award contents 1 background and survey design 2 2 overall results 4 3 FMCG sector results sector attractiveness 6 4 the Randstad Award 14 This global anholr report contains. Mexico s Strengths Mexico s Some 25 years ago, Mexico set out to achieve a greater economic openness focused on freeing international trade and attracting investment flows.

This policy is supported by. Key environmental concerns by nation April How the research was done Ipsos conducted an online omnibus survey 2nd th February Respondents were asked what are the three most important environmental. This article is a comparative assessment. The Millennium Poll on Corporate Social Responsibility Results of the largest survey ever of global public opinion on the changing Executive Briefing role of companies.

Conducted by Environics International.