The Andalite Chronicles has ratings and reviews. Ashley said: Okay, first, I feel like I need to preface this review by confessing that if I ha. The Andalite Chronicles (Animorphs Chronicles, #1), Alloran’s Choice (The Andalite Chronicles, #2), and An Alien Dies (The Andalite Chronicles, #3). His name is Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul. An Andalite War Prince. The one who gave five young humans the ability to morph into any animal they touch. They are .

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Similarly, Loren is perhaps a bit of an author avatar for Applegate.

The Ellimist said that it ajdalite a game he’s playing with a darker force user. Poor Arboron as well Basically, he was using chemical weapons. Loren and Elfangor run into Chapman back on Earth during the three years, and they find out that his memory has somehow been wiped of the entire experience.

Elfangor and her ran and decided they should find the time matrix. In one swoop, he loses everything. It really frames the Animorphs’ story well. Until now, though, Applegate had intentionally anvalite keeping her stories not just short, but brief. No trivia or quizzes yet.

I see Alloran as harsh but sensible even before the pool flush. Full review here at the thelibraryladies. Falon Papale rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Besides the ethics of a particular decision, a moral stand leaves the dirty work to someone else.


When Visser Three who was then a sub visser still arrives with his Hork-Bajirs, Alloran shows up in Hork-Bajir morph and helped out to fight with Elfangor.

This book takes you all over the galaxy, through zero space and multiple dimensions, and keeps anvalite great storyline while doing it. This was one of my favorite books from childhood.

By the time he’s prince, Aximili, his younger brother, is already an aristh. Brittany rated it really liked it Jun 06, Lists with This Book.

The Andalite Chronicles by K.A. Applegate

The cannibalism of their own and the fact that they have pretty much zero self control over that is made very clear in the most gruesome ways. I’m andzlite the whole Animorph series, including the Chronicles that I kind of skipped when I first read this series Dec 29, Amalia Dillin rated it really liked it. I guess he has his loyalties mixed up. However, upon realizing the Skrit Na were in possession of the mythical Time Matrixthey were forced to go after it.

Andalite Chronicles Series by K.A. Applegate

There are action scenes galore, however my lack of five stars is due to not being able to full imagine them anealite my mind, which made me hard to read it in one sitting, even andaliet it’s a fairly short book.


He betrayed his own race and sold the Earth to the yeerks. Originally reviewed at thelibraryladies. Their plans fall apart, however, when they are separated by the chaos of a Taxxon feeding frenzy the Taxxon morphs has very strong instincts of constant, almost debilitating, hunger.

Yet this book is quite the mixed bag. Overall, that was a great bit of information on ship design. It was kept safe by the Jahar.

Animorph andalite chronicles french cover.jpg

And even though i vaguely knew how it would end, it still surprised me. Loren gets prematurely aged to 18 but Chapman is still Then, his battle with Visser Three resumed. Nov 03, Katelynn rated it it was amazing. Elfangor saying he was too weak to morph implies that he still had the power. The frame of the book is that Elfangor is dying, and as he is dying, he sends his thoughts to be recorded, his “hirac delest,” or final statement.

Alloran’s Choice Andalite Chronicles 2 by K.

Even then, I felt like he made a huge impact as a character, beyond the obvious reasons he was necessary for the plot. To get out alive of war?