The Akai SXL is a 16 bit professional stereo digital sampler. Accessories: AC power cable, operators manual, O/S disk, MESA disk, Demo Sequence disk. SXL Operator’s Manual – Version iii WARANTY WARRANTY AKAI Electric Co. Ltd. warrants its products, when purchased from an authorized “AKAI . Hi, I just bought an Akai S Sampler without manual. I didn’t find one with google (just the xl Version, which is diffrent). Akai Pro wrote me, that they bought .

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FADE page They are not stored anywhere.

Akai SXL Manuals

Setting The Master Output Level In this way, it is quick and easy to enter data even across two different screens. There is also a convention to the type of functions available which is worth noting. AKAI will not cover under warranty any original factory disk damaged or destroyed as a result of the owner’s mishandling. If you need to EQ more than one frequency, select the source sample and set the EQ for that and process it.

These can be used for a number of things that include velocity switching and crossfading, playback of stereo samples and layering. Layers and splits may be sent to different effects in varying amounts to create even more variation.

Env2 This selects the multi-stage ENV 2 as the controller. All rights are reserved. Midi Via Scsi Front Panel Sets the record level for the analogue inputs. Press the appropriate soft key again to un-mute the effects channel.

When you send MIDI data on that channel, both parts will play. When connecting to two channels of a mixing console, remember to pan the mixer channels hard left and right to enjoy the full stereo effect.

To use the example of panning again, let’s say you assign a piano sound to a part and set the pan position to R25 – you might back the level off a bit as well. Only the DATA control may be used. Make sure these really are unwanted or have been saved to disk before proceeding. When pressed, it will show the current effects channel i. Enter text from picture: There are no reviews to display. Page 53 SXL whilst others are sent out via the individual outputs for processing on the mixing console.


You may record audio whilst sequencing ordinary programs and samples allowing you to effectively overdub onto disk. Bypassing The Modulation Effects If you already have some keygroups in the program and you specifically want to copy, say, keygroup 5, move the cursor to the act i ye keygroup number: In this way, the SXL is a powerful synthesiser as well, except that you may use almost any sampled sound of your own or from a sound library as the basis of your own powerful and expressive sounds.

All of these are available to be routed in any amount to virtually any source which include filter 1 and 2 cutoff, LFO 1 rate, depth and delay, overall program amplitude and keygroup amplitude, pitch and pan position.

The Parameter Page Page Env1 Use this to create pitch sweeps that vary according to the sounds overall level.

Akai S3200XL Manuals

Refer to the ME35T manual for operational details. As with all control inputs on the SXL, any combination of controllers can be mixed together. The same principles apply that even with depth: This sets the rate of LF The SXL also includes a multi- effects processor that offers no less than four channels that include two multi-effects channels with distortion, EQ, ring modulation, modulation effects such as chorus, flanging, pitch shifting, auto panning and rotary speaker effects plus delay and reverb.

This field is also not manuall and shows the number of samples used in the wkai program.

Akai S3200XL Operator’s Manual

Sets the record level for the analogue inputs. ON, all the Manhal are not synchronised and so give a rich texture to ensemble sounds when being used for vibrato. This can be any of the defined MIDI controllers. The effect manula loudness modulation parameters have on the overall loudness of the program depends on the modulation source you select.


Please check your connections carefully – it could be that the cable manal become disconnected. Multi-sampling is the technique where you take manhal samples of one instrument across its range or where you take several samples of different instruments such as drums, for example. This sets the output level of LF In these modes, you navigate your way around the functions using the soft keys.

Remember that to perform any of these operations, you will need to have enough free memory. Stereo Pitch Shift Effects This is usually fine for most applications but there are sometimes occasions where the abrupt transition between one keygroup and another can be a bit obvious. There may be occasions when you have more than this and so you may use the CURSOR keys to scroll through your program list.

English manual for the Akai S – Home Recording forums

Once you’ve done that, move the cursor to the next part and select the program for that and so on. Assigning it to depth will cause the effect of LF01 to whatever destination it is applied to increase and decrease at a rate set by LF You may then load this multi and its associated programs with one simple operation in the LOAD mode.

This allows you to set an offset for the MIDI note reception when is selected in the field. Of course, you may select other modulation options for these inputs.

You may decide that you want the strings to play the same part in unison with the piano.