Abstract: Ahlam Mosteghanemi was the first Algerian woman writer to publish a Mosteghanemi’s decision to write in Arabic and the themes of her novels are. The author Ahlam Mosteghanemi’s YouTube Page. Chaos of the Senses: A Modern Arabic Novel (Modern Arabic Literature). Oct 1, by Ahlam Mosteghanemi and Humphrey Davies.

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Ahlam Mosteghanemi is a contemporary Algerian poet and novelist. This biography gives mosteganemi information about her childhood, life, works and timeline. April 13 Quotes By Ahlam Mosteghanemi Poets. Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature. She is also arguably the most successful Arabic writer of her time. She was born in exile and during a time of great turmoil in Algeria. Her experiences as the daughter of mmosteghanemi French teacher, turned Algerian liberation fighter, shaped her vision and provided inspiration for her writing.

As one of the first students in the new Arabic schools in independent Algeria, she puts tremendous value in being able to write and express herself freely in Arabic.

When her father was unable to provide for the family, she decided to take care of the family. But her father was against her working. He wanted her to study Arabic; that is what mostefhanemi had fought for.

Somehow she managed to do both.

She was first noticed for her bold Arabic poetry mosteghqnemi had, until then, always belonged to Algerian men. As her boldness was expressed in Arabic, mksteghanemi sent a shock wave through the Algerian writing community.


She was eventually forced to do her graduate studies abroad. She gracefully made the switch from poetry to novels over many years. When she finally released her first novel, it became an instant best-seller in the Arab world, as did her next four novels.

Delving into human tragedy and unfulfilled dreams, her novels have universal appeal. Quotes By Ahlam Mosteghanemi.

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Ahlam Mosteghanemi

Georges El Rassi father: She was born on April 13, in Tunis, Tunisia while her family ahlak in exile. Her father, Mohamed El Cherif was wanted by the French government for his involvement in the Algerian liberation war. InAlgeria gained its independence. The family returned to Algiers where her father took on a major role in first independent Algerian government, and Ahlam attended the first Arabic school in the country.

She and her classmates were among the first Algerians to be educated in Arabic rather mosteghaemi French. Inshe worked as a daily poetry show host on the national radio to help take care of her family. Her father had been hospitalized for a nervous breakdown after an attempted coup; she had promised to help take care of her family. She was only 17 years at the time and was preparing for exams. Inshe graduated from the University of Algiers with a B.


Her thesis looked into the complexities of men and women in Algerian society and their frequent discomfort and misunderstanding of each other. With its release, she emerged as the first female Algerian novelist to write in Arabic. It has been reprinted more than 20 times. Mostteghanemithe Governor of Beirut presented her with the Shield of Beirut in front of an audience of about people.

This led to its translation into English in Inshe was honored for her complete works with the Pioneers of Lebanon Committee Medal.

ahlammosteghanemi | Work English

Inthe President of Algeria, Abdelaziz Bouteflika presented her with a medal of honor. In the final year, she appeared at number 58 on the list.

Inshe married Lebanese historian and journalist, Georges El Rassi, who has a deep interest in Algerian history. They have 3 sons. Her novels have been translated into several languages as well as incorporated into the curricula of secondary schools mostegyanemi universities around the world.

She writes as she wishes.

See the events in life of Ahlam Mosteghanemi in Chronological Order. Pictures of Ahlam Mosteghanemi Image Credit.